fun with play doh...

play-doh bling rings from the ring a day challenge.  thank heavens henry still had one can of soft  play doh left... brought back a bunch of memories when i opened the hatches and smelled that salty smell and found everything all dried up and dessicated-- i wanted yellow--but blue was soft and sweetly ready to roll. so with googly eyes and some proper glitz spilled out on the table i managed some last minute bling.... i did have a sudden urge to take a bite though... just like the old days ...  :)


for cat

a few of cat ludwig's photos-- in honor of her beautiful spirit--


summer leaves

i'm already skipping ahead to summer--  it's around the corner after all... i love the late afternoon light of summer, when the breeze begins to stir just a bit. after the hot day-- a cool shower and a refreshing glass of ice blended with watermelon-- and a touch of lime---ummm hmmm.
...o.k so now i'm picturing my new summer leaf earrings dangling on a set of lovely lobes, dancing in that early evening breeze. catching the glint of the sunset.. a simple dress-- and no other jewelry--just these--that's it. lovely,... summer, lovely... and now-- an evening out-- a drive along the coast, some fresh seafood,  and later a run up to the beach to watch the tide roll in and the ghost crabs dance in the scattered bon fire lights.  the water's edge where the cold sea meets the footprints of the days visitors... the moon's out-- rounder than ever... laying a golden path on the ocean ....



i'm thrilled to have been featured on the stunning site craftwerk which is run by two wonderful estonian textile artists marianne s and leina neima . both of these talented women have shops on etsy as well--MarianneS and XbyLeinaNeima. together they've put together a beautiful site featuring a range of hand made textiles, jewelry and home goods that will knock your socks off! many thanks-- !!




one planet ring finished...

o.k --one of the rings finished-- another is also finished but waiting to be photographed. a planet floating in an oval universe perched on the finger -- or maybe it's a space ship-...hmmnn...


work in progress

photos of a few rings in progress...
more designs along the theme of astronomy and another that will likely have a butterfly perched on top -similar to one that sold to a dear friend on etsy, a while back. i just saw a beautiful grey, black and white butterfly land on a stone in the garden this morning-- i've never seen one like that in this region-- i took that as a sign!
i love the contrast between the roughness of just fired dirty metal-- and the transformation after the hard work of cleaning, polishing, and applying patinas... it's often hard to imagine what the finished pieces will look like ... i'll post them when they're finished-- for contrast.


april vintage

with gardening at the top of my favorite things to do list and the farmers market opening soon, sunshine finally making its way to the days and the light staying longer, i feel more light hearted-- suddenly i become more attuned to color and aromas of the earth.... can't wait to smell the lavender growing in my garden...
here are a few new items celebrating spring that are already in or about to be added to my vintage shop 5gardenias .
1. summer fruit brooch ( celluloid brooch from the 30s-40s )
2. haeger pottery planter ( art pottery from the 50s)
3. wooden dominoes set
4. aqua iris water can vase ( ceramic planter/vase from the 50s)
5. steampunk goggles
6.  lotus flower brooch ( lacy celluloid  from the 1930s)
7. basket case (front loading carrying basket)
8. baby doll frilly apron with satin trim ( 1940s)
9. lil duckie planter ( made by diamond pottery 50s)


easter grass ring

belated happy easter and passover and any other holiday that you like to celebrate this time of year... here are a few festive eggs from our easter basket this year....


new blooms

i almost forgot-- i have a few new blooms of my own available in my etsy jewelry shop ... sweet sterling bellflower earrings that dangle on long stems. with brushed matte exteriors and satin interiors, and bright long stems for ear wires-- they're currently available in sterling matte and gold finish--

baroque spring

 i was checking in on kari herer's work the other day and added a few to my favorites on etsy. i've always been a fan of her soft palettes and incredible still life photos--but i was just so taken by these opulent flower photos which immediately brought to mind dutch baroque still life masters like jan van huysum or the work of Jan Davidsz de Heem. 
 kari herer on etsy

Jan van Huysum

 Jan Davidsz de Heem

for me the opulence of these paintings are almost overpowering. i can smell the scents of the over ripe  fruits and the flowers just passing their prime, there is a sense of imminent decay... the black backgrounds are incredibly rich like atmospheric cloaks of deepest darkest chocolate. flowers seductively burst from the dark grounds and various insects alight and feed   ... amazing today -- in their own day these kinds of paintings were perceived of as merely decorative and lowly...