i'm such a happy girl--my special order for hand paper made by kendra of Green Post  on etsy arrived this past week.  such beautiful texture, weight and hues, with free form deckeled edges. i chose nimbus ( a lovely warm pale grey ) and rice ( a soft bright white)-- some for myself, and some for my husband for christmas ..ssshhhhh...
the package arrived with my favorite wrapping of brown craft paper ( now sing... brown paper packages tied up with strings....) -- and it echos Green Post's commitment in using recycled goods, wrapped simply and honestly with a holistic approach. the paper sheets are bundled in recycled cardboard, stamped with GreenPost's recycle logo, -- even kendra's business card is up-cycled.  a warm friendly package-- so much like kendra-- who genuinely cares about her hand crafted recycled paper goods. as an artist committed to quality-she puts care into each sheet--she sells plant-able gift tags with seeds embedded int the paper fibers. i've noticed that she has even more tags available in her shop now- inspired by nature, and in a wonderful array of colors -- mixes of wild flower with varieties like corn poppy,  pimpernell, chinese houses , and spurred snapdragon...
if you want to treat yourself, or someone special to some fine recycled paper goods, take a stroll over to GreenPost -- you'll find something wonderful, original,  made by hand, with an enormous amount of heart.



have some salt?  another wonderful vintage item recently listed at 5gardenias vintage - a turn of the century porcelain salt canister with a wooden lid--made in germany.


bulldozer man

this just listed in 5gardenias vintage-- a wonderful tin toy from the 50s-- a farmer driving a bulldozer-- so many great details in this piece-- from the cuffs of his jeans, side seam stitching-- to his cap, plaid shirt and blue eyes-- his arms are articulated, capable of bending and moving--he holds on to the gear shifts...


pop gibberish

love this italian pop parody sung entirely in gibberish--i feel like i'm watching a fellini movie... -or a scene from the move "Nine" -- only with a slight twist....


                                         some fresh listings in my vintage shop 5gardenias from left to right top row.
                                         i'm definitely getting in the spirit of autumn with brisk air and grey skies 
                                         descending on the region... it has a certain romance about it.
                                         1.  metal scalloped oval bowl,  2. autumn leaves 1040s celluloid necklace,
                                         3.  antique porcelain lidded jar,  4. celluloid comb with silver plate border


Farm Fresh Egg.... or the story of Humpty Dumpty..

 i had fun this morning.. and posted this little rhyme along with this etsy treasury collection...
Humpty was off for a sightseeing visit.  
He scaled an arch for the view was exquisite. 
When out of the blue along came an adder ( HISS) who carelessly knocked Humpty off from his ladder!
He toppled and rolled and proceeded to fall and everyone round could hear our poor Humpty Ball.  
Then along came a girl in  blue top and hat with a net--- she asked " Are you hurt? Why are you  wet?" " I'll call handy Andy--he has some great tools"... but he showed up with string--what was he--a fool?! Humpty asked Andy to please phone the king-- to quick send his horses-- or anything!
So along came a horse but he was too small to help pick up Humpty from his unfortunate fall...
Big forks came in handy and fried eggs were delicious--for that handy man andy was  just a tiny bit vicious...(..but to Humpty's credit he was very nutritious!)