Earlier in the week I had planned a Thanksgiving post for my blog-- to wish everyone well with the hope that this Thanksgiving holiday ( if you were celebrating it ) would bring happiness and a sense of deep connection to all those you hold dear in your lives-- and for those unable to share the holiday with loved ones, the hope that the day was spent enjoying a relaxing time & treating yourselves well. I never did get to make that post.....  Instead---this happened--a fall down the stairs and a visit to the ER on the eve of our first big Buffalo snowfall.
My special Thanksgiving thanks is that I'm grateful the outcome wasn't worse! A fracture and torn ligament leave me hobbling around on crutches and in a boot-- but I was able to enjoy our small family gathering -- and even managed to make the cranberry sauce. The other thing I'm deeply thankful for are the sweet men in my life - my husband and three sons. All of whom have the biggest hearts, gentlest souls and manage to keep me laughing through all of our ups and downs. And also-- I should mention my hub did a fantastic job cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. He's an ace in the kitchen and pulled it all off without a hitch! I'm blessed to have such a beautiful family. And I thank my lucky stars every day for them--- not just on Thanksgiving.


I'm just loving this vintage Italian tole work candelabra. I wish I had a weathered plaster wall to hang it on--but on any wall it looks lovely, and with candles lit-- very romantic-- very elegant- very anthro! It's up for grabs in 5gardenias vintage.


love this vintage tole work metal cage lamp shade. very anthro. it's just dying to make a statement in someone's lucky home....  recently listed in 5gardenias



These are the colors that stay with me the most in autumn-- this deep velvety black -- the color of the tree trunks in the autumn rain, and the brilliant gold of the leaves as we near the end of the season- with their last beautiful burst of life. The combination always moves me-- stirs up my heart and leaves me with a sense of longing and love...  I've grown more deeply appreciative of this amazing season with each year of my life-- it brings me a sense of hope, of peace and of an acceptance of inevitable change.
I found these leaves on two separate walks -- the double leaf -- reminded me of twins joined at the hip, of two aspects of a single being. Of duality and connection, of bonding and shared experience. The other-- the ginkgo leaves, I found while out searching for my missing cat. Feeling anxious and sad I looked up and saw this magnificent tree and found it reassuring, these gentle and elegant leaves seemed to whisper that everything would be alright.
After 6 sleepless nights, a neighbor called to tell me they thought they'd found my cat in their storage room above their garage. I had made flyers and put them in every mail box in my neighborhood.  Thankfully they called. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I found that it was my sweet boy in their storage room. Scared and skinny, we brought him home. We've been celebrating with extra love and treats. I can't think of a better way to begin this month of November.
Wishing everyone a beautiful month ahead!


Sending everyone lot's of love today -- I collected some leaves and berries on my morning walk today. A little homage to the Autumn spirits and to all of you. Cheers!


Had to share this with you-- a friend posted this on FB and I was blown away when I listened. It's a recording of crickets slowed way down, revealing a chorus-- so divine and unearthly-- so astoundingly haunting and beautiful-- well it just proves that there truly is magic in the universe.

So I've fully recovered from my computer crash. The hard drive went kaput. But they managed to replace it quickly. So I was thankful for that. All of my info was lost though. I suppose I could have paid a hefty fee for some forensic retrieval, but I decided that it wasn't the worst thing to start fresh.  I've been playing catch up -- trying to take lots and lots of photos to replace the ones that are gone. and it took a few days to reorganize but I'm back in the swing of things again.

I'm really loving this Autumn -- it seems especially charismatic and beautiful.  My senses are in high gear and every sound and smell, every shift in light, every color, every sweet detail seems to be heightened. I love how toasty warm the sun is but the shadows stay cool and fragrant. I watch as the chestnuts and apples have been falling from the trees in our yard. I love the plump little thud they make when they hit the ground.  The farmer's market has been bustling and I've come home with the most wonderful bags full of local produce. Oyster mushrooms, and big hearty tomatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts, maple syrup and honey-- and the tastiest apple cider. So special. And the skies have been so dramatic-- just saturated with blue. The tree trunks black and velvety in the rain--- and the leaves! they're already turning the most beautiful shades aren't they?

I've been gradually filling 5gardenias shop with Autumn inspired goodies--   A few enchanting little antique woodland ornaments-- perfect for Halloween and Christmas decorating-- an owl and a little ole mushroom fellow. A sweet antique brown transferware bowl from the 1800s,  a beautiful antique aged wood silverware caddy -- a multi use piece for the home, studio, office and kitchen, and some lovely filet lace-- a small panel for tacking on the wall, framing or for sewing and craft projects and a runner ( available in OhDearViolet shop ) which looks ever so lovely nonchalantly strewn over an end table or dining table for holiday entertaining.

I send best wishes to you all-- and hope you enjoy these next few weeks of October to the fullest!


My computer crashed a few days back. The hard drive just bit the dust. Everything gone. Hundreds and hundreds of photos are no longer.  Needless to say it was a sobering experience. I am starting from scratch-- and so here is a sweet first photo to celebrate many new photos to come. A small collection of vintage landscape snapshots. Wonderfully aged shots of woodlands. The darkest photo from the left has a tiny figure walking in the bright light among the leaves. There's something so dear about that one in particular.  That's my favorite.
These will soon be listed in 5gardenias vintage, and there are other sweet things new to the shop.
I hope the Autumn air is agreeing with you .... xo : )


The evenings are growing cool here already and I'm feeling the tug and anticipation of Autumn. Always so welcome, yet a little bittersweet because the summer months seem so fleeting, and my bones have barely had time to feel the heat. Still Autumn seems to be singing a quiet and lovely tune, wishing the summer farewell.
In honor of the changes of the season I've put together some newly listed vintage and antique pieces from 5gardenias shop for you to enjoy.
a pair of antique crystal prisms, a set of vintage 1950s flash cards, an antique tatted lace hexagon shaped doily, and a beautiful rustic Chinese gathering basket.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy these last weeks of sweet summer time-- soak up the sun and the slower days, take deep breaths and take in all the scents while you can. Cheers!


Finally a few sweet and lovelies to share with you from OhDearViolet. With July nearly over I find myself wondering where on earth summer has gone to?  I've tried to take a little more time off than I normally allow myself --so posts and shop listings have been on the slow side. I must admit I feel a tinge of guilt for falling behind. Still I think it's best to slow down and smell the summer roses. Some stores have already started stocking their autumn items-- I'm just not ready for that! And while these finds aren't exactly summery-- they are most definitely not intended to rush you into Autumn mode. Happy Tuesday to you all : )
from top left and clockwise:
an antique silhouette portrait of a woman from the 1934 World's fair with handwritten date and signature in pencil on the paper backing ( I just love when original handwriting is coupled with a beautiful piece-- such an added bonus of specialness!)
vintage metal mesh rose findings -- so perfect for jewelry making
and the dearest antique petite point ( very tiny fine needlepoint ) and glass perfume bottle with gold washed ornate framework.


Anitque Paper Box Collection We've had such a rainy summer so far that we had a slight mold outbreak in our lower basement where my vintage and antiques are stored. The silver lining was that it forced me to unpack more boxes that were still sitting unopened after our move. After inspecting and doing some mild cleaning here and there, and finally setting up a dehumidifier, and air purifier everything is in good order. I decided to document a few of my faves from my personal collections of vintage and antique items. These are some wonderful early Victorian era paper and cardboard boxes. Some for face powder and theatrical powder, one from a Buffalo jeweler/silversmith, and another is labeled "no. 11" with elaborate decorative borders in sepia. I'll try to post more as I continue to document some of the things I love most. Have a wonderful weekend all!


I made a pair of these little 5 petaled post earrings for a friend the other day. They look so sweet on the lobes with their powdery matte white finish that I decided to offer them in my jewelry shop. The light finish is perfect for the summer months, but I'll offer them in black, or a fused gold finish for year round wear.
Happy week everyone! : )


It's that time of year when the waters begin to warm, boats are setting sail, and picnics are planned. 5gardenias is ready for the summer with some nautical goodies and the perfect basket for an outdoor eating adventure....
from top left clockwise:
vintage nautical star and cross banner flag , vintage "go fish" flash cards , vintage Japanese sea green glass fishing float, and a fabulous vintage wicker picnic basket

Wishing everyone a lovely sun filled weekend!


a few jewelry orders filled last week-- always so good to finish and send off the packages -- with the hope that everyone will be happy with their new pieces...


...and here are some lilacs-- their scent is intoxicating-- it filled the room the moment I set them out. one of my favorite Spring time flowers.
Some sweet new additions to 5gardenias-- celebrating May and Spring in full tilt. The lilacs were in full bloom all week and I had to find a way to show them off!
clockwise from upper left:
antique crochet lace and linen square table cloth, antique pyrex laboratory bottles--soon to be listed, 1960s mod daisy brooch, buzzing bee dangle earrings made with vintage brass bee stampings and oxidized sterling silver ear wires
here's hoping everyone enjoys a beautiful Sunday : )


some vibrant color for you --wishing everyone a lovely weekend!
 from top to bottom:
paper flowers from Front & Main
hand dyed yarn tutorial from Chalk Legs
designer Brad Ford's pottery collection on Remodelista


I've finished some new pieces-- painted, scuffed and scratched brass and oxidized sterling silver.  A little bit primitive and definitely playful, owing inspiration to tribal arts-- now listed in my jewelry shop....
Happy thursday : ) : )  : )


I just had to share this work with you! A vast collection of flora and fauna, animals and insects-- all lusciously depicted in needlepoint.  Truly mind blowing.  These are the works of Frederique Morrel. Give yourself a treat and go to her website to see her entire collection. Happy weekend to you : )


Some recent sweet old hand painted finds.... the 1940s green painted tole work spoon with strawberries has spent the last 30 years living with me-- but it looks out of place in my new kitchen  and I just don't want this to sit in a box unappreciated-- it's much too special for that, so I'm selling it and hope to find it a loving home.... and if I lived in an antique home I wouldn't part with this early little primitive landscape painting for anything. I'm picturing it hanging on a nice old plaster wall or leaning on a shelf with just a few special objects nearby. Both have been just listed in OhDearViolet and 5gardenias- one special piece for each.
Wishing you a lovely Thursday and a great weekend ahead!


In honor of this holiday weekend and to celebrate the coming of sweet sweet Springtime, a whimsical pair of antique bisque bunny pals and an early 19th Century primitive wall shelf 
( you can find these in 5gardenias shop ).  Happy Spring!


It's been way too long--but moving proved to be so much more work than I'd ever dreamed! There were boxes and boxes and more boxes. Not only did we have to pack our household items and furniture, but my entire jewelry studio and all of my vintage inventory as well. All I can say is I don't ever want to move again! That being said, I can also say, that we are very happy to be settling into our new home. A home that offers us lovely views, a huge yard ( with plans for gardens and studios in its future ), lots of nice sunlight ( when it's shining ) and finally a peaceful night's sleep thanks to a quiet neighborhood just blocks from our city's lovely park. So much to be grateful for and so very relieved too.
With a few boxes unpacked every day, most things have found there dwelling place, and still more things will find there way back into boxes to sell or giveaway. We are definitely down sizing, and it feels very liberating to lighten the load.
I'm finally catching up with stocking my vintage shops and have listed some sweet springtime goodies in each of them. My jewelry studio is nearly ready, so soon I will be able to make some new work--can't wait for that!
 In the meantime, here's a glimpse of the most recent listings in OhDearViolet-- truly charming finds:
a vintage millinery fabric flower bouquet--
the sweetest teeny tint celluloid rabbit figure from the 1930s
a vintage paper mache Easter egg from West Germany
a set of Victorian era semi porcelain plates made by New Wharf Pottery from England

So nice to be back-- wishing you a beautiful weekend, and a happy holiday to those that celebrate!


I managed to squeeze out just a bit of time to play and make some new earrings in the studio in between packing for our move, and before my jewelry tools and supplies disappear into boxes for a spell! It felt so good to get some new work done. I'm chomping at the bit to take off running but will have to wait until I get settled to really focus on jewelry making.  These earrings are made with hand cut and hand rubbed brass and oxidized sterling.  Modern and minimal with a nod to tribal and ethnic jewelry of the past. I just listed them in my jewelry shop
thanks for taking a peek--wishing everyone a lovely weekend!