Earlier in the week I had planned a Thanksgiving post for my blog-- to wish everyone well with the hope that this Thanksgiving holiday ( if you were celebrating it ) would bring happiness and a sense of deep connection to all those you hold dear in your lives-- and for those unable to share the holiday with loved ones, the hope that the day was spent enjoying a relaxing time & treating yourselves well. I never did get to make that post.....  Instead---this happened--a fall down the stairs and a visit to the ER on the eve of our first big Buffalo snowfall.
My special Thanksgiving thanks is that I'm grateful the outcome wasn't worse! A fracture and torn ligament leave me hobbling around on crutches and in a boot-- but I was able to enjoy our small family gathering -- and even managed to make the cranberry sauce. The other thing I'm deeply thankful for are the sweet men in my life - my husband and three sons. All of whom have the biggest hearts, gentlest souls and manage to keep me laughing through all of our ups and downs. And also-- I should mention my hub did a fantastic job cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. He's an ace in the kitchen and pulled it all off without a hitch! I'm blessed to have such a beautiful family. And I thank my lucky stars every day for them--- not just on Thanksgiving.


I'm just loving this vintage Italian tole work candelabra. I wish I had a weathered plaster wall to hang it on--but on any wall it looks lovely, and with candles lit-- very romantic-- very elegant- very anthro! It's up for grabs in 5gardenias vintage.


love this vintage tole work metal cage lamp shade. very anthro. it's just dying to make a statement in someone's lucky home....  recently listed in 5gardenias



These are the colors that stay with me the most in autumn-- this deep velvety black -- the color of the tree trunks in the autumn rain, and the brilliant gold of the leaves as we near the end of the season- with their last beautiful burst of life. The combination always moves me-- stirs up my heart and leaves me with a sense of longing and love...  I've grown more deeply appreciative of this amazing season with each year of my life-- it brings me a sense of hope, of peace and of an acceptance of inevitable change.
I found these leaves on two separate walks -- the double leaf -- reminded me of twins joined at the hip, of two aspects of a single being. Of duality and connection, of bonding and shared experience. The other-- the ginkgo leaves, I found while out searching for my missing cat. Feeling anxious and sad I looked up and saw this magnificent tree and found it reassuring, these gentle and elegant leaves seemed to whisper that everything would be alright.
After 6 sleepless nights, a neighbor called to tell me they thought they'd found my cat in their storage room above their garage. I had made flyers and put them in every mail box in my neighborhood.  Thankfully they called. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I found that it was my sweet boy in their storage room. Scared and skinny, we brought him home. We've been celebrating with extra love and treats. I can't think of a better way to begin this month of November.
Wishing everyone a beautiful month ahead!