Sending everyone lot's of love today -- I collected some leaves and berries on my morning walk today. A little homage to the Autumn spirits and to all of you. Cheers!


Had to share this with you-- a friend posted this on FB and I was blown away when I listened. It's a recording of crickets slowed way down, revealing a chorus-- so divine and unearthly-- so astoundingly haunting and beautiful-- well it just proves that there truly is magic in the universe.

So I've fully recovered from my computer crash. The hard drive went kaput. But they managed to replace it quickly. So I was thankful for that. All of my info was lost though. I suppose I could have paid a hefty fee for some forensic retrieval, but I decided that it wasn't the worst thing to start fresh.  I've been playing catch up -- trying to take lots and lots of photos to replace the ones that are gone. and it took a few days to reorganize but I'm back in the swing of things again.

I'm really loving this Autumn -- it seems especially charismatic and beautiful.  My senses are in high gear and every sound and smell, every shift in light, every color, every sweet detail seems to be heightened. I love how toasty warm the sun is but the shadows stay cool and fragrant. I watch as the chestnuts and apples have been falling from the trees in our yard. I love the plump little thud they make when they hit the ground.  The farmer's market has been bustling and I've come home with the most wonderful bags full of local produce. Oyster mushrooms, and big hearty tomatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts, maple syrup and honey-- and the tastiest apple cider. So special. And the skies have been so dramatic-- just saturated with blue. The tree trunks black and velvety in the rain--- and the leaves! they're already turning the most beautiful shades aren't they?

I've been gradually filling 5gardenias shop with Autumn inspired goodies--   A few enchanting little antique woodland ornaments-- perfect for Halloween and Christmas decorating-- an owl and a little ole mushroom fellow. A sweet antique brown transferware bowl from the 1800s,  a beautiful antique aged wood silverware caddy -- a multi use piece for the home, studio, office and kitchen, and some lovely filet lace-- a small panel for tacking on the wall, framing or for sewing and craft projects and a runner ( available in OhDearViolet shop ) which looks ever so lovely nonchalantly strewn over an end table or dining table for holiday entertaining.

I send best wishes to you all-- and hope you enjoy these next few weeks of October to the fullest!