Well hellooooo there! It's been too long-- but such is life. Inconsistent at times despite the best of intentions. I've been meaning to make my way over here and post some pics-- now finally getting around to it. Summer is here- wow! So fast! My son's last day of school was on Friday and now we have a little extra time to sleep in on weekday mornings, just a teency bit- don't get jealous! One of my fave things about summer is getting a break from that early morning rush. Although a few day camp sessions will have us hopping soon enough. Another fave thing to do in summer is gardening- you can see from the top right photo that I've been repotting a few little fellows that desperately needed to spread their roots. I picked up some sweet little succulents and made some arrangements for the deck, and another pot of Evening Primrose which spreads like crazy, is very hardy and has the most beautiful pale pink cups/blooms. I'm thinking I'll add more all along the border of our fence because they make a great ground cover. I planted some Cosmos in the front bed, and Purple Cone Flower and Black Eyed Susan in the back by the deck. Yet to plant are the Hostas and Bee Balm-- they'll go in tomorrow. I'm trying to add flowers that bees and butterflies like. Hoping to offer them a non toxic, safe haven for the summer...
Also pictured is the lovely Lake Erie sparkling in the sun, and blooms from the Japanese Lilac tree that borders our yard. They are a little lighter and sweeter in fragrance than traditional purple Lilacs, and bloom a few weeks later. So wonderful to have them nearby.
...and naturally I've got a few photos of a few newly or soon to be listed items from 5gardenias. From top left: "today and tomorrow" vintage flash cards ( soon to be listed ), an antique framed print of a pair of Herons, an antique laundry basket, a vintage art pottery fish vase ( soon to be listed ), and another set of vintage flash cards that read "have a rest".
oh! and a double cherry-- I hemmed and hawed about eating it, but decided it would bring me good luck if I did--  and it was tasty !
If you want to catch up and get some sneak peeks of finds for 5gardenias, just look for me on instagram - user name is 5gardenias. I'm there almost every day posting photos of whatever moves me.
Wishing you a happy weekend-- thanks for stopping by! XO!