Some sweet charm from OhDearViolet-- new shop items. Happy Tuesday : )


Finally getting started on new jewelry work for 2014. I took a good break as I found myself feeling burned out. I decided for the new year to make limited runs of signature pieces like my 'Bellflower' earrings. No more made to order pieces. Not that I don't enjoy making pieces for people-- but after a time repeatedly making the same design over and over again can prevent one from moving forward and discovering new paths or new designs. So starting today I have 5 pairs of my bell flower earrings up for grabs. 2 pairs of 'Silver Bellflower' earrings in the brushed matte and burnished silver finish, 2 pairs of "La Nuit " bellflowers with blackened patina, and one pair of 'Golden Bellflower' with a hand applied fused 23kt gold leaf finish ( also known as keum boo ). In addition, I'm listing the other new earrings which are pictured above. A pair of blackened dangle 'Overlap' earrings,  two sets of 'Terra Blanca' oval post earrings-- very minimalist- but with fabulous textured irregular organic surfaces and a lovely white matte finish - And a pair of blackened 'Hive' earrings- inspired by honey combs. All will be listed over the course of the next day or two.
Thanks for stopping by for a sneak peek! Have a wonderful weekend : )


I hope the holidays treated everyone with kindness and time slowed down enough for true enjoyment with family and friends. I have to say I'm always left feeling a little out of breath by the time Christmas arrives, but I'm fortunate in that I had my beautiful boys all home to celebrate with. For me that is the essence of the holiday-- being together with the ones I love. Sharing some quality time with my family is always the best gift of all. Now that the flurry is all behind us, I'm able to focus back on work and re-stocking the shops.
I'm loving this winter so far, with it's grey light, soft white snowfall, deep and powdery, quieting the world outside -  perfect for bundling up, drinking hot tea and taking new photos of stock waiting to be listed. Here are a few recent additions to OhDearViolet:
clockwise from top left - a set of four antique cast bronze Corinthian column hardware feet, a Ruth Gibbs Godey Lady china doll, a Victorian era brass beaded locket and chain, and an antique Victorian mourning hat made of silk crepe.
Thanks for stopping by-- best wishes to you for a wonderful 2014 ahead!

P.S. I nearly forgot to tell you! I'm having a 20% sale off all items in 5gardenias vintage shop-- this will last through Jan. 5. Use coupon code: happy2014 at checkout to receive your discount.