There are days and even weeks in the studio where it seems that the work stays still and in one place. Not stagnant -- but still. No movement forward. Just movement, like marching in place. At last, I  finally found some time to play and I'm as happy as can be with the outcome--a  new ring design-- organic and alive. Solid and earthy with a surface that undulates, gnarled -- organic and relic like-- as if salvaged from the sea or unearthed from a dig... this to me is beauty.
hope you to show you more when time allows.....


I can't believe it's already November. Each year when this month arrives, I tend to go into panic mode --this is such a busy time of year, with so much to plan for on top of all the every day ins and outs. But I do have fun gathering vintage holiday goodies for 5gardenias -- the shop is filling up with new finds on a regular basis. I love holiday decorations from the past-- always offering a bit more whimsy and character....Here are a few of the latest additions: clockwise from top left
1. vintage Marcrest Stetson Swiss Chalet, assortment of platters, plates and bowl  2. West German paper mache glitter bird ornament 3. Vintage 1950s Ceramic Deer Figurine 4. vintage mercury glass flower pick ornaments
Thanks for dropping by...  and have a lovely day!


I was listening to Neil Young this morning when "He Was the King" came on-- his song about Elvis Presley--  it put me in a nostalgic almost giddy mood. I wound up having fun making this treasury for the Etsy treasury listings...  so then I thought ...well..  we need the music that goes along with it...
just click on the link to listen if you like. Hope you have fun!  happy wednesday!