A few new post earrings recently listed in my jewelry shopLittle Bellflower bouquets and Black Butterflies. Both made of sterling silver, delicate and lovely on the lobes.


Yes! --  I can feel it--- Spring is here at last. At least I think so. Eighty degrees this past weekend, then back down to 30 degrees and snow on Tuesday. Roller coaster weather, but I'm seeing signs of green growth everywhere. So I'm staying hopeful that the sun will shine more often and Buffalo flowers will soon begin to bloom as the temps reach higher levels, and doors and windows stay propped open.
Here are a few vintage home decor pieces recently listed in 5gardenias shop that sing of Spring.
A pair of vintage ceramic art pottery swans, a vintage make- do medicine bottle bud vase- wire wrapped with a handle, a fabulous antique hooked wool throw rug with a nautical theme, and a glorious antique Appalachian oak splint buttocks basket, which I can't help but feature again, because I love it so!

I wish you all a most beautiful weekend ahead-- with the hope you can get out and enjoy the sweet sunshine!


As promised..... a photo of dear Fernando - aka Fern, Fernie, Inferno. a most wonderful addition to our family. He's both sweet and fierce - a true little buddy. I can only wonder what happened-- why he was found as a stray, with no collar or chip? All I can say is it was a happy day when we brought him home to live with us!

I was so excited when I found signs of plants sprouting from the earth today on my walk with Fernando-- our new dog. I will post some pics of him soon- he's such a sweet heart! We rescued him from a local dog pound. He'd been found as a stray in the middle of the coldest of cold stretches this winter. Fernie is a chihuahau mini pin mix-- and he's a dear little fellow. We are all smitten with him-- and even the cats seem to be warming up to him. Walking has become a much more regular part of my days now-- and I love it!
So --back to being inspired by this inkling of green life -- these tiny buds and sprouts poking up from the ground. I found myself becoming increasingly excited as I found more and more plants beginning to stir.  No doubt most of you are feeling likewise about the change of seasons. Hasn't this seemed like a very long and very cold cold Winter? 
Once I came inside I had this strong inclination to go through some of my natural history books, and then I got out my camera-- plants, books, a few of my favorite wood carvings-- all things that I love dearly-- I just thought I'd share. . they speak of Spring to me... and the sweet antique splint basket is the only thing I'm letting go of-- I just listed it in 5gardenias vintage shop this morning.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend ahead- hope it's filled with blossoms and sunshine!


Well-- I think it's been ages since I posted last. I'm chalking it up to the extremely cold winter we've had, with snow up to our frozen noses,  my healing torn foot ligaments - with weekly physical therapy visit. A new dog- Fernando- a chihauhau & mini pin mix, we rescued from a local shelter,  who is adorable and sweet. By necessity, I take him on several good walks each day ( great exercise and fresh air )  Our youngest child home for a week due to  a mild concussion -now all better, thank heavens- and good old tax time - which always throws me into a tailspin! I imagine everyone else has their own personal tax time "issues" as well as stories of just how extreme this year's winter has been, along with all the other day in day out challenges. No doubt each of you is as ready as I am for Spring!
So to celebrate finishing my taxes today, I'm ending the day with a nice glass of vino and a post of some new Spring baskets recently added to 5gardenias vintage. ( some fun work for nice contrast )
from left to right top row :
A vintage farm stand/produce basket-- great for gathering clippings from the garden or storing gardening tools. A sweet vintage pressed paper pulp Easter rabbit candy container, in a lovely shade of daffodil yellow. A fabulous mid century hanging wood planter, and a lovely lovely antique hand woven Appalachian splint oak buttocks or melon basket-- with wonderful character and workmanship. All reminders that Spring is imminent -- or for you lucky ones-- already in full tilt.
Wishing you sweet Spring tidings-- or if you're in the southern hemisphere-- well-- here's hoping you're moving toward some cooler temps ! Cheers : )


Already almost mid February and we've been snowed upon and snowed upon and feeling the freezing near 0 degrees for weeks now. So in turn I've made it a point to hibernate and drink lots and lots of hot tea...
In addition I've been getting around to stocking 5gardenias with some fresh vintage goodies.
here goes... clockwise from top left:
vintage celluloid ram figurines from the 40s, antique rustic wire bottle carrier, antique Persian hand woven wool throw rug, vintage hand made raku mug
Hope you are all staying warm and cozy-- preparing for spring in your minds and hearts... Happy February!


Some sweet charm from OhDearViolet-- new shop items. Happy Tuesday : )


Finally getting started on new jewelry work for 2014. I took a good break as I found myself feeling burned out. I decided for the new year to make limited runs of signature pieces like my 'Bellflower' earrings. No more made to order pieces. Not that I don't enjoy making pieces for people-- but after a time repeatedly making the same design over and over again can prevent one from moving forward and discovering new paths or new designs. So starting today I have 5 pairs of my bell flower earrings up for grabs. 2 pairs of 'Silver Bellflower' earrings in the brushed matte and burnished silver finish, 2 pairs of "La Nuit " bellflowers with blackened patina, and one pair of 'Golden Bellflower' with a hand applied fused 23kt gold leaf finish ( also known as keum boo ). In addition, I'm listing the other new earrings which are pictured above. A pair of blackened dangle 'Overlap' earrings,  two sets of 'Terra Blanca' oval post earrings-- very minimalist- but with fabulous textured irregular organic surfaces and a lovely white matte finish - And a pair of blackened 'Hive' earrings- inspired by honey combs. All will be listed over the course of the next day or two.
Thanks for stopping by for a sneak peek! Have a wonderful weekend : )


I hope the holidays treated everyone with kindness and time slowed down enough for true enjoyment with family and friends. I have to say I'm always left feeling a little out of breath by the time Christmas arrives, but I'm fortunate in that I had my beautiful boys all home to celebrate with. For me that is the essence of the holiday-- being together with the ones I love. Sharing some quality time with my family is always the best gift of all. Now that the flurry is all behind us, I'm able to focus back on work and re-stocking the shops.
I'm loving this winter so far, with it's grey light, soft white snowfall, deep and powdery, quieting the world outside -  perfect for bundling up, drinking hot tea and taking new photos of stock waiting to be listed. Here are a few recent additions to OhDearViolet:
clockwise from top left - a set of four antique cast bronze Corinthian column hardware feet, a Ruth Gibbs Godey Lady china doll, a Victorian era brass beaded locket and chain, and an antique Victorian mourning hat made of silk crepe.
Thanks for stopping by-- best wishes to you for a wonderful 2014 ahead!

P.S. I nearly forgot to tell you! I'm having a 20% sale off all items in 5gardenias vintage shop-- this will last through Jan. 5. Use coupon code: happy2014 at checkout to receive your discount.


Earlier in the week I had planned a Thanksgiving post for my blog-- to wish everyone well with the hope that this Thanksgiving holiday ( if you were celebrating it ) would bring happiness and a sense of deep connection to all those you hold dear in your lives-- and for those unable to share the holiday with loved ones, the hope that the day was spent enjoying a relaxing time & treating yourselves well. I never did get to make that post.....  Instead---this happened--a fall down the stairs and a visit to the ER on the eve of our first big Buffalo snowfall.
My special Thanksgiving thanks is that I'm grateful the outcome wasn't worse! A fracture and torn ligament leave me hobbling around on crutches and in a boot-- but I was able to enjoy our small family gathering -- and even managed to make the cranberry sauce. The other thing I'm deeply thankful for are the sweet men in my life - my husband and three sons. All of whom have the biggest hearts, gentlest souls and manage to keep me laughing through all of our ups and downs. And also-- I should mention my hub did a fantastic job cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. He's an ace in the kitchen and pulled it all off without a hitch! I'm blessed to have such a beautiful family. And I thank my lucky stars every day for them--- not just on Thanksgiving.


I'm just loving this vintage Italian tole work candelabra. I wish I had a weathered plaster wall to hang it on--but on any wall it looks lovely, and with candles lit-- very romantic-- very elegant- very anthro! It's up for grabs in 5gardenias vintage.


love this vintage tole work metal cage lamp shade. very anthro. it's just dying to make a statement in someone's lucky home....  recently listed in 5gardenias



These are the colors that stay with me the most in autumn-- this deep velvety black -- the color of the tree trunks in the autumn rain, and the brilliant gold of the leaves as we near the end of the season- with their last beautiful burst of life. The combination always moves me-- stirs up my heart and leaves me with a sense of longing and love...  I've grown more deeply appreciative of this amazing season with each year of my life-- it brings me a sense of hope, of peace and of an acceptance of inevitable change.
I found these leaves on two separate walks -- the double leaf -- reminded me of twins joined at the hip, of two aspects of a single being. Of duality and connection, of bonding and shared experience. The other-- the ginkgo leaves, I found while out searching for my missing cat. Feeling anxious and sad I looked up and saw this magnificent tree and found it reassuring, these gentle and elegant leaves seemed to whisper that everything would be alright.
After 6 sleepless nights, a neighbor called to tell me they thought they'd found my cat in their storage room above their garage. I had made flyers and put them in every mail box in my neighborhood.  Thankfully they called. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I found that it was my sweet boy in their storage room. Scared and skinny, we brought him home. We've been celebrating with extra love and treats. I can't think of a better way to begin this month of November.
Wishing everyone a beautiful month ahead!


Sending everyone lot's of love today -- I collected some leaves and berries on my morning walk today. A little homage to the Autumn spirits and to all of you. Cheers!