Mid May and the flowers are bursting and the leaves are nearly full now. It always seems to take forever for Spring to reach Buffalo, but when it does - it's magnificent. I've been inspired to take long walks with Fern and smell every flower ( oh the magnolias! ) and watch their progress from bud to bloom. The world is buzzing again with the sounds of lawn mowers, song birds, voices outside the windows that stay open now, cars driving by, dogs barking, kids playing. Spring's music. It's always so heartening to watch everything come alive again.
As for 5gardenias-- it's looking like a cozy cabin right now. I picked up quite a few rustic items at some recent estate sails. Here are a few of the sweet finds that are listed now.
a vintage bark canoe -- a souvenir from Niagara Falls Canada, a beautiful antique split willow fishing creel with stitched leather edging, a vintage wood trout fishing net and a lovely vintage Nemadji hanging planter ( just recently sold )
I hope the Spring is making you happy and I wish you a fine second half to your week!

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