Wow! The time has been moving at ultra speed. But before it slips by even further I wanted to wish everyone a most beautiful series of days leading up to and away from this holiday season. May each of you find some time however short or long to truly savor what is meaningful in your life. To hear the quiet snow, or your children's laughter,  hold the hand of a loved one, feel the warmth of a shared experience. Beyond the hype, the gifts, the stress of making it all happen-- just find a place where you remember what matters and know that fulfillment comes sometimes in very small doses, in the tiny snippets of experience that take us through each day. May each of you find that fulfillment and be happy for those sweet moments.
Here's hoping 2013 brings exciting new possibilities, plenty of creative energy and much love and happiness to each of you!


 Thanksgiving  always marks the start of one of the busiest times of year. When we all begin scrambling around in search of gifts for loved ones. And while I do love the festivities, I don't always enjoy the rushing and pressure of it all. So I'm offering up a mellow mix of holiday gifts and decor possibilities that have withstood the test of time and retain qualities that can't always be found in today's mass marketed goods.  Shopping online can save on gas, time and energy. A huge help for those of us that can't bear contending with huge crowds, overflowing parking lots and stores so packed with goods that it's difficult to focus.
Oh Dear Violet has some lovely old world finds that might just satisfy your longing for something special to give.. or to receive....
an antique German wooly stick legged lamb-- often used for putz villages and nativity scenes--but I think this charming little lamb would make a wonderful year round companion!
and a beautiful strand of antique gold lead tinsel garland-- perfect for DIY holiday projects or for hanging with fresh greens on the mantel or feather tree...
two fraternal twin delicate antique silvered glass indent ornaments from the 1920s-- these are great for hostess and secret santa gifts...
and isn't this Edwardian straw hat wonderfully romantic? The Edwardian period was a time when hats were designed with great artistry and imagination. Women wore hats everywhere-- to picnics, operas, shopping, to tea... and they were wonderfully flattering and loaded with personality. This hat is the hat that Violet would wear if it were hers to keep.... it has a fine straw body in a dusty shade of russet-- with raffia flowers stitched along the brim... ever so lovely!

I hope those of  you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a chance to spend time with those who are dearest to you, or to share a meal with those less fortunate--  and  found some quiet moment to reflect on the many beautiful things there are to be thankful for in this amazing world we live in... and I hope that in doing so you felt the true spirit of the holiday fill you with love.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Aren't these vintage galvanized buckets the best? So much nicer than a brand new pail, with their aged and darkened surfaces, the occasional ding and even a little label residue on one or two leaving a telltale mark. I had these lined up, stacked up, mixed up and modeling for my photo shoot and the more I played with them the more I grew to love them. They're perfect for displaying fresh holiday greens or filling with candles for outdoor luminarias in the winter ( or summer garden ) -- or if drilled on the underside, they make wonderful planters for indoor or outdoor plants. I have seven of them newly listed in 5gardenias-- come and buy them all ( or just one ) and line your front walkway with them for some rustic holiday decor, or line up on the mantle and fill with ornaments and holly.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!


 Finally--A chance to add a new piece to my jewelry shop! A stack ring set with a group of blackened and fused gold bands and a focal ring with a golden pod featured in a rustic setting.  The fun part about this ring set is that it can be worn all together for a nice full look, or the rings can be worn separately- with the small bands together in any combination or number-- and the pod ring looks simply beautiful on its own. I love stack rings for this reason. They're versatile. I'll be listing this in my etsy shop today...

  Life has been moving at warp speed, with so many challenges coming at me from right and left. We spent much of our summer and part of September and October getting our home prepared to put on the market for sale. Lots and lots of painting, repairing, de-cluttering.... all good things, but so exhausting, as we've done all the work ourselves. Our place is listed and now there's the task of showing, upkeep and searching for a home. I love our home- it's been renovated with our own two hands and holds so many dear memories. If we sell it I know I'll probably cry for days, but our building is on a busy city street and it's become more and more difficult to live here.  After 12 years, the noise and traffic and gritty edge has finally worn us down. We're hoping to find a home on a quiet street that's big enough to allow for studio space. One of the difficulties of being an artist is the necessity for the room to work, so that makes the search more challenging!
So if I'm a little less active here on my blog pages, it's because we're up to our eyeballs in house searching and hopefully finding a home to move to and then making THAT happen.

In the meantime my heart goes out to all the people who were in hurricane Sandy's path. The storm has done enormous damage and so many have lost their homes, and too many people have died. Let's hope this wake up call will be heeded by both local, state and federal government. Climate change is very real-- and this disaster along with the many others that have been happening at an alarming rate all over the country are indeed bringing this issue to the forefront. No more denial and excuses. It's time for action.

Wishing everyone the best.


The Ghost of Emily Bronte

I've been visited by the ghost of Emily Bronte-- a very cooperative model as it turns out...
Isn't she lovely?
This is a 1970s reproduction figural porcelain clay pipe from an 1879 mold made by John Pollack & Co of Manchester, England.
A classic beauty... and such a fine writer
She's available in my new shop OhDearViolet

enjoy a lovely day


So happy to share with you the official opening of my new shop on Etsy. OhDearViolet is up and running! I'll be photographing and posting many more things over the coming weeks so please stay tuned and visit as often as you like. I'll be leaving sneak peeks here so you can be the first to view the latest finds.
here are just a few samples of Victorian and Edwardian goodies:
Art Deco paste stone necklacehttps://www.etsy.com/listing/110530152/art-deco-paste-stone-necklace
Large Cube Toilet Pins
Victorian ivory white leather gloves from England

thanks for dropping in -  happy thursday! 


I'm so excited to let you in on a little secret.....
My new Etsy shop OhDearViolet is opening this week.
It will feature whimsical and lovely treasures from the turn of the century.
Early and Late Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Deco-- La Belle Epoque!
Above is a sampling of items from the shop.
I'll be posting a few more sneak peeks over the next few days so stay tuned!


I've been loving the warm golden light of September and the cool cool evenings, so perfect for sleeping. September is such an earthy month with the subtle change in the leaves beginning to happen, bright blue skies and bushels of apples and jars of honey lined up in the farmer's market stands. The occasional need for a sweater or some socks or an extra blanket are such a refreshing change from the heat of summer.
 I'm honoring this earthy Autumn month with some nicely aged goodies just listed, or about to be listed in 5gardenias vintage:
antique celluloid red maple leaf necklace , antique rustic tin colander, vintage horse hair hand broom, vintage machine lace trim

Wishing everyone a beautiful Autumn weekend-- or if you're in the southern hemisphere-- Happy Spring to you!


September Vintage

Nights are cooling off, but the days are still plenty warm-- one of the things I love most about the end of August and early Autumn. I hope everyone has been well this summer and finding moments of relaxation and ways to stay cool during these very hot months!
I've just now added a few new items to 5gardenias-- a sprinkling of fiery paprika red to honor the coming changes of the leaves ...
vintage red crewelwork wool pillow cover, 1950s black felt fedora, mid century lunch plate set,
1960s Larks rust red suede pumps


august on the cape

                                                            so here are some views of our little cottage by the sea....
                                                                               i adore these little toile curtains....
                                                                   peter always brings his paints and easel on vacation
                                                              a very special tomato from this charming roadside stand

                                                                                                  the sweet entry

                                                                                      our little rustic home for a week

                                                                                              path to the bay beach
                                                                                                 resident bunny

                                                                                                 on the atlantic side
                                                                                             morning ...breakfast time
                                                                              a farewell to the Cape after what seemed like a flash

and a sweet overnight in Boston, visiting some favorite old stomping grounds-- a very memorable landmark in Kenmore Square-- the ever present Citgo sign-- and my favorite movie theater of all time- the Coolidge Corner Theater where I worked during my last year at art school and then some. One of my favorite jobs. I think I watched every art house movie known to man while there-- it was a blast. The staff would stay after hours for movie marathons-- our very own private screenings... My camera ran out of battery power shortly after taking this photo... it was time to go..
So wonderful to getaway for a brief spell... but it was sooooo good to get back to the kitties and our home.


Just back from a time away at Cape Cod for a good dose of sea and sand. I have pictures to post of our sweet little cottage, some views of the water and an overnight stay in my old stomping ground- Boston. Sadly my batteries still weren't working in my camera despite the fact that they were brand new and  even recharged. My photo taking ended abruptly. Time to take my camera in for a repair! The week went by in a lovely flash, but always good to be home. I did manage to finish this necklace right before we left, and now I've just listed it in my Etsy shop. Happy Monday!


 I'm always such a sucker for fabulous styling and Dietland Wolf tops my list as an all time fave. She  creates the most sensual and hunger inducing food shots I've ever seen - and that goes for her decor styling as well. Unfortunately for me these photos only serve to make our take out meal ( hurried day today) look quite pathetic! Maybe with the help of some raspberry calligraphy we can hope for an exotic transformation!