Thanksgiving  always marks the start of one of the busiest times of year. When we all begin scrambling around in search of gifts for loved ones. And while I do love the festivities, I don't always enjoy the rushing and pressure of it all. So I'm offering up a mellow mix of holiday gifts and decor possibilities that have withstood the test of time and retain qualities that can't always be found in today's mass marketed goods.  Shopping online can save on gas, time and energy. A huge help for those of us that can't bear contending with huge crowds, overflowing parking lots and stores so packed with goods that it's difficult to focus.
Oh Dear Violet has some lovely old world finds that might just satisfy your longing for something special to give.. or to receive....
an antique German wooly stick legged lamb-- often used for putz villages and nativity scenes--but I think this charming little lamb would make a wonderful year round companion!
and a beautiful strand of antique gold lead tinsel garland-- perfect for DIY holiday projects or for hanging with fresh greens on the mantel or feather tree...
two fraternal twin delicate antique silvered glass indent ornaments from the 1920s-- these are great for hostess and secret santa gifts...
and isn't this Edwardian straw hat wonderfully romantic? The Edwardian period was a time when hats were designed with great artistry and imagination. Women wore hats everywhere-- to picnics, operas, shopping, to tea... and they were wonderfully flattering and loaded with personality. This hat is the hat that Violet would wear if it were hers to keep.... it has a fine straw body in a dusty shade of russet-- with raffia flowers stitched along the brim... ever so lovely!

I hope those of  you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a chance to spend time with those who are dearest to you, or to share a meal with those less fortunate--  and  found some quiet moment to reflect on the many beautiful things there are to be thankful for in this amazing world we live in... and I hope that in doing so you felt the true spirit of the holiday fill you with love.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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