summer vintage

here are a few new summer vintage items from 5gardenias my etsy vintage shop. lots of sea and sun inspired collectibles-- i'm always in love with summer finds-- they have a touch of salty ocean air, farm stands, warm summer breezes, flip flops, sleeveless tops, melting ice cubes, and books marked with corners folded in...

thanks to ngan of eNVe Designs

ngan of envejewelry.etsy.com recently posted an interview and photos of my handmade jewelry on her blog enVe Designs. ngan often posts an indepth interview-- or features other artists on her site, along with giveaways, and contests to raise money for charitable organizations. i don't now how ngan manages to summon her energy and keep up with interviews and blog posts considering she just had a beautiful baby daughter only weeks ago and already has a little tyke to care for--but she did-- so i salute her and i thank her!!

in addition to that ngan has her own etsy shop filled with lovely, feminine pearl and gemstone jewelry--some perfect for weddings and formal wear--currently she is running a sale in her shop, making room for new pieces-- a great time to go and poke around!

so-- XO ngan-- and many congrats to you and your lovely family!!


Mod3rnArt Jewelry

another of the things that i am late in getting to. i have been intending to post a bit about Mod3rnArt's extensive jewelry site. well finally!!!

in addition to having a wonderful all in one site that feature's their own nature inspired jewelry with a clean modern edge-- always with a lovely organic feel-- Mod3rn site also has links to their blog , where they often feature other talented artists-- and their etsy shop Mod3rnArt.etsy.com

in addition to all the above, Mod3rnArt has been working on an ongoing project of collecting studio shots of etsy artist's work spaces. here is a small sampling above. i love getting a peek of people's personal spaces. it's always fascinating to see how and where artists spend their days and nights ( in many cases) and to see what they surround themselves with, what solutions they come up with for storage, light, space. the kinds of tools and equipment they use..all of it a wonderful glimpse into a very real and thriving world of artists working everyday at what they love!

so thank you Mod3rnArt --for taking the time to compile such an interesting list--!


Simply Hue

i was pleasantly surprised to find out that my jewelry is featured on a beautiful blog, Simply Hue today. vicki dvorak, the creator of the blog has a wonderful eye for color, photography, art, fashion, design, well...everything... and now i have another blog on my list of favorites to visit for my eye candy fix!!

thank you so much vicki- you made my day!!!


etsy FP

it's been a good while since i made FP with one of my treasuries. this one went up tonight--i've been in such a mood for vintage, so it was good to see this make it. hope everyone gets some good love!! , and now time to take a night time nap...



i love sales--- and etsy esst team is sponsoring an etsy wide YART SALE from june 10 to june 14. i decided to join in and offer some great reductions on many of my vintage items in my vintage shop 5gardenias, and hopefully send some of those babies packing to some fresh owners, new shelves, and fine lapels...
here are a few of the items that are reduced, and up for grabs


from BROOKLYN rehab

i love BROOKLYNrehab one of my favorite etsy shops to poke around in when i have time....and to purchase things from when i really just can't take it anymore! alyssa has a fantastic eye for a mix of vintage -- the industrial, the quirky, and the folksy--- the kind of vintage that smacks of bygone eras, a sense of history and originality. in addition, when you visit alyssa's shop you will find vintage inspired hand crafted designs-- cast porcelain gnomes, & petite squirrels, drenched in a pure white milky glaze--or a cast porcelain branch for your wall ( these may not be available anymore...sorry). or one of her completely charming necklaces-- my favorites are her wooden key, or porcelain bow necklaces. each item she sells is completely charming and fascinating!!

i was so excited to open my package from her --- even my husband loves my kitschy, yet unearthly gnome, and sweet squirrels--and my beautiful pristine branch, complete with wood grain details--- now i just need a special shelf for them, because they must be featured!! thank you alyssa-- i love them--so very much!!!