from BROOKLYN rehab

i love BROOKLYNrehab one of my favorite etsy shops to poke around in when i have time....and to purchase things from when i really just can't take it anymore! alyssa has a fantastic eye for a mix of vintage -- the industrial, the quirky, and the folksy--- the kind of vintage that smacks of bygone eras, a sense of history and originality. in addition, when you visit alyssa's shop you will find vintage inspired hand crafted designs-- cast porcelain gnomes, & petite squirrels, drenched in a pure white milky glaze--or a cast porcelain branch for your wall ( these may not be available anymore...sorry). or one of her completely charming necklaces-- my favorites are her wooden key, or porcelain bow necklaces. each item she sells is completely charming and fascinating!!

i was so excited to open my package from her --- even my husband loves my kitschy, yet unearthly gnome, and sweet squirrels--and my beautiful pristine branch, complete with wood grain details--- now i just need a special shelf for them, because they must be featured!! thank you alyssa-- i love them--so very much!!!



  1. They are really beautiful--pristine is the right word--and thank you for sharing them with us...now it remains to be seen how long I can take it before I can't take it anymore and succume! :-)

  2. agreed .. BROOKLYNrehab is a shop filled with wondrous finds and creations. What a delightful post Kathi .. :)

    happy weekend to you and your family!

  3. hey dawn-- and kerrin! nice of you to drop by-- i'm playing catch up this week and hope to do some blog visiting over the course of the next few days and see what you've been up to. hope you both have a great weekend --and yes dawn you may just get sucked in to alyssa's shop!!!

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  5. oh they have an "a" pin that I have had my eye on for forever!

    Enjoy your goodies!


  6. I made one of my funny typos again Kath, haha!
    What I meant to say;

    Oh, what a wonderful buys!! That gnome is too cute.. Will he and the squirrels be modelling in your shop? They'll love to dress up, I'm sure ;-)

  7. thank you for such a nice post and the kind words. i treasure your friendship. it is so wonderful to have such creative and supportive friends.


  8. Kathi--another mispelling from me--I meant to say 'succumb'. :-)

  9. --- i love typos!!! they really spice things up- and look--it brought everyone back for a 2nd visit- hah! i do the same thing.. i reread something i've written AFTER i've posted it and then realize it's goofy-- sometimes funny, and sometimes embarrassing, so i stop back and correct it...!

    alyssa-- you are more than welcome. your wonderful shop is a reflection of your wonderful self! i really love your eye for design and your sense of humor & play ... really fun and original!!


    and simone--- the gnome and squirrels may have to do some modeling... or at least the branch!!
    :) :)

    and dawn--did you succumb yet? i would have made a typo with that one too....