i must confess i am nervous first and foremost, then thrilled and honored (!!!!!) to have been selected as a featured seller for etsy's front page starting today at 1:00 p.m. est time-- and up for the next three days.

for those of you who don't know about etsy-- well!--- it's an amazing global marketplace comprised of small shops filled with hand made goods. each shop is a gem unto itself and reflects the personality and passion of the individual who makes the items. you can find everything possible under the sun on etsy--- clothing, accessories, jewelry, bath and body, vintage, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, lighting, home decor, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, craft supplies, children's toys and clothing, pet supplies, ---really everything you can imagine--i'm sure i've left out many things... the most amazing thing is that no matter the level of experience--from sophisticated to naive-- the work is made with heart. people on etsy love what they are doing-- and you can feel it as you weave your way in and around the shops-- it's a wonderfully positive experience!!

so take some time to go and explore etsy---you will thank me. here is the link--- etsy.com --- you will never run out of ideas for gifts or ways to entertain yourself when you have free time to explore the shops. i may sound a bit like an etsy stepford wife, but i really do love this fascinating world!!

not only does etsy help to provide everyone with the opportunity to grow a small business---it also provides a meeting ground for a global community of amazing scope. it is my favorite thing about etsy--the people!!! i have met some of the most lovely, wonderfully talented, hard working, diverse, fun, supportive, marvelous, energetic, inspiring people from all around the globe-- i cherish the friends that i've made--!



stem flower earrings with pearl

some additional new designs that i'm posting in my etsy shop over the course of the next few days. these earrings are hand pierced flower forms--some with fused gold leaf ( keum boo). all have warm white fresh water pearls centered in each. the flowers sit on the earlobe and the stems or elongated posts travel through and out the back to gently arc around under the ear-- a sort of reverse half hoop. another lotus flower pendant here-- no enamel in this one-- just light and airy on a silk hand dyed cord with hand made toggle clasp -- modern and feminine-- all of these pieces will be offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes.


three ovals w/ chrysoprase

another new piece made of three hollow form ovals with beaded vertical lines, and chrysoprase beads on blackened chain for contrast
--chrysoprase is a beautiful semi translucent and often opalescent apple green stone in the quartz family--- it's green is derived from it nickel content-- often mistaken for imperial jade --it was used by the greeks, romans an egyptians for ornamentation... lovely stone..

i will be listing my new pieces toward the end of may-- can't wait to get my etsy shop stocked back up!

along the silk road

everytime i visit boudoir queen's shop at boudoirqueen.etsy.com i get inspired by her sensual, 20s nostalgia, and fabulously exotic, feminine designs. i think of mata hari, spices, beds and baths sprinkled with rose petals, sand dunes and camels, huka pipes, and opium dens, the fragrances of patchouli, sandlewood, & ylang ylang--fresh figs-- pistachios, cashews, and olives-- loose bins of black and green tea leaves in the market places, rickshaws, and rooms lit in lantern light.... i'm visiting many wonderful places all at once in my head!
so... i put this treasury together today in honor of the 1920s and of travel to exotic places, boudoirs, harems, deserts, dens, temples, and markets--- and all that is feminine and sensual....


dark flower disk necklace

i've been working to add some new designs for my etsy jewelry shop and local shops where i sell my work. always fun to be able to add new work to the mix! this is a hollow form piece that's been pierced and cut. a fresh water pearl glows in the center. the necklace hangs about 19" on simple blackened chain. more flower designs to come--earrings and pendants, hopefully some new rings too... we'll see!
the new pieces will be listed in may!

the dude that made the lego dudes

henry comes to talk to me when i'm taking photos-- he liked the little paper parasols i was taking pictures of. he starting spinning them and talking-- i thought he couldn't have looked more charming...