the dude that made the lego dudes

henry comes to talk to me when i'm taking photos-- he liked the little paper parasols i was taking pictures of. he starting spinning them and talking-- i thought he couldn't have looked more charming...


  1. he is- and he's funny and sweet and big hearted!
    ..and good at monopoly!

  2. Hi Henry!

    Oh my Kathi..that second picture is fantastic!!
    He's adorable indeed. He's 8 right? Maybe he'd like to be called handsome then eh? :-)

  3. oh --you bet ya simone!! handsome, adorable... henry was very mad at me for putting his pictures up on the blog--but now with all of these great compliments, he seems much more o.k. with it!!! hah!

  4. kathi these are gorgeous photo's .. Henry's a hunk who know how to make great lego!