along the silk road

everytime i visit boudoir queen's shop at boudoirqueen.etsy.com i get inspired by her sensual, 20s nostalgia, and fabulously exotic, feminine designs. i think of mata hari, spices, beds and baths sprinkled with rose petals, sand dunes and camels, huka pipes, and opium dens, the fragrances of patchouli, sandlewood, & ylang ylang--fresh figs-- pistachios, cashews, and olives-- loose bins of black and green tea leaves in the market places, rickshaws, and rooms lit in lantern light.... i'm visiting many wonderful places all at once in my head!
so... i put this treasury together today in honor of the 1920s and of travel to exotic places, boudoirs, harems, deserts, dens, temples, and markets--- and all that is feminine and sensual....

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