la luna

when i look up at the moon lit  in the black galaxy above, i'm always startled by it's calm quiet patience and willingness to play second fiddle to the sun-- and it's startling closeness to us.

the sweet orb with it's singing face, pocked marked with craters... a rock of motivational force....

the inspiration for another ring that celebrates the wonders of the sky above.... and of our relationship to all things in the universe.

soon to be listed in my shop


little buddha

this little buddha carving sat in my vintage shop for all of a few hours before someone asked me to hold it for them.  it was a short visit with my little buddha friend.. but i liked the pictures so much i thought i'd post them here....


august vintage-- a little early..

well as always, after a break...it's time to get back into the swing of things.. and here is a sampling of new/old items recently listed in my vintage shop 5gardenias

i've been wrestling with the idea of giving up my vintage shop--despite the fact that i love collecting the odd bits and pieces of "stuff"  that i offer up in my little etsy shop-- and despite the fact that i believe wholeheartedly that selling vintage is the one good "green" thing i do-- recycling objects of the past and helping connect people with them, like some cyber adoption agency with the intent of finding a loving home for each special piece.. however, it seems as if the world of etsy has become saturated with vintage shops.  lots of great ones for sure. i started my vintage shop in 2008 when vintage was a dirty word on etsy ( you know-- not part of the handmade revolution...) --i've  had a good run of it, sent off many odd bits and pieces out into the world--but now --i'm left wondering if it's worth the effort to stay floating on my little worn dingy or to swim back to shore and bury my treasures-- let them capture some more of time's patina in the sand and salt...
anyhow -- i do love my photo sessions with the  objects-- when i get into it-- i almost feel the object talking to me, or maybe it's just the voices of the previous owners and their palm and finger prints rubbing against mine... mumbling and whispering in my ear...kathi, turn it this way.... NO not THAT prop--THIS one.. ahhhh that's better. oh nice light -- oooooh.... zzzzzzzzz ..."hey hey---HEY YOU-- wake up, come back-- i'm trying to finish up here. where did you say to place this one?"
well i'm not throwing in the towel yet because i have some sweet things photographed, and many more objects waiting quietly and patiently for their turn-but maybe soon it will just be me and my jewelry... and no more voices calling from the past....well who knows.... it's too hard to decide right now.

you can find my sweet little objects numbered below
  1. kitchen helper's collection
  2. london iron ( soon to be listed ) 
  3. french beaded flower corsage
  4. 1920s Star-Rite reversible toaster
  5.  Anchor Hocking 70s amber flower pitcher
  6.  retro 50s aurora borealis flower clip on earrings
  7. hand carved and signed large wooden spoon


antique chinese shoes

well these were my finds in the store that i visited on my last morning in portland. the soles of these antique handmade chinese shoes have thick twine stitching that make a beautiful all over pattern on the insides and undersides. it had to have been tough to have worked the stitches through the thick layer of cloth... the embroidery is exquisite on the uppers, and so is the color. i love the blend of rough and sophisticated touches... just makes my heart squeeze. i keep imagining these shoes walking across the floor-- the clothes and surroundings begin to take shape....


more of portland....

i had found this shop in portland and went back the day we were leaving-- it was so much fun to look through this huge rambling store--it was filled with imports from japan, china, indonesia, and india-- every square inch of it was packed. needless to say-- i made peter and henry wait for me for a good long while! it was just too much fun. i bought some colorful litho tin pins to give as thank you gifts to customers, and a pair of antique chinese shoes ( i'll take a picture and post it soon). they're covered in detailed embroidery.
paper lanterns and decorations trailed everywhere-- the windows were great fun-- i took most of the shop windows the night before when we stopped at a brew pub. i had a glass of wine from a willamette winery-- locally grown.
 outside the shop had a porch with  mismatched rambling fencing -made
of weathered and faded carved doors and shutters. it was gorgeous!

 below are a few building and street views-- the sun was starting to go down and the light was especially beautiful

i feel like some kind of hokey ambassador of portland but it's truly a beautiful city --not too big and not too small. it has an intimate feeling where one isn't made to feel small or overwhelmed, with so many diverse neighborhoods. modern buildings rest comfortably among older architecture. city planning has accounted for top notch public transportation,  bike paths, wading pools and public parks, gardens, plazas-- a wonderfully people friendly place.
not only is the city fabulous but the outlying areas are amazingly beautiful as well-- at every turn there's a view,  a place to escape to, a part of nature to explore.  from ocean, mountains, to the desert interior, i'm in love with this part of the country. i'd move there in a heartbeat.


well..this is one to make friends look at vacation photos.  at least you don't have to stay for the extended slide show though. these are a few snaps from cannon beach on the coast of oregon.. we drove from portland through beautiful evergreen and pine mountain roadways and emerged out from the highway to this spectacular coast line. the fog was just lifting. henry headed straight across the low tide horizon to dip himself in the frigid pacific water...
my favorite part of the oregon coast are these magnificent huge craggy rocks jutting out of the sea and low lying cliffs and hills that wind along. wonderfully dramatic... and a few pics of my sweeties, peter and henry.
it's hard to believe our trip is already over-- i was sad to leave the beautiful and vibrant northwest. i hope to make it there again and again... but always great to make it home where my older boys live and my kitties were waiting --albeit somewhat restless and just a little po'd--despite being well cared for!--and to a welcome of incredibly humid and hot weather too....
i'll post some favorite shop windows and portland city sights tomorrow.... thanks for stopping by.


meandering in seattle

we've already left seattle, with only two days to spend at the front end of our trip--but wow- what a wonderful city. vital, and energetic with fantastic views of the harbor and bay and mt. ranier at every turn. the pike's place market is right at the water's edge with the smell of fresh fish and the tantalizing sights and colors of the most beautiful produce and homemade goods being offered... very crowded, but fun to visit.

 we took a drive around and checked out some of seattle's neighborhoods--- up in the hilly neighborhood of magnolia shrubbery took on sculptural proportions -- it seems that this is a skill unique to this neighborhood-- i wish i could have shown you the mind blowing variety --then i spotted this tree dense with blooms-- i was so taken with the tree it took me a while to realize what a great old truck was parked in front of it!-- and another tree  of a very different species--speaking of nature turned sculpture....  a tree of metal. ....

on our 2nd day in seattle i found a little french restaurant, "le pichet", where we had what i consider a perfect breakfast-- we ordered roasted almonds in olive oil and salt.  i had the quiche which sported a perfect savory, buttery crust, with red pepper, arugula, and leeks--henry had a baguette with butter and jam, and pete chose the grilled sardines on toast with a wine reduction... with a cafe au lait,  espresso and fresh orange juice to drink-- the cafe had such a beautiful old world appeal- for a time i felt we must be in paris.

finally-- some photos of a seattle shop window--henry insisted on going in-- i waited outside and amused myself....

next i'll post some pics of our visit to portland and surrounding areas...  thanks for stopping by.. :)


heading out

as i get ready to take a flight out to the northwest coast i'm feeling a sense of relief-- of imminent escape-- of longing.. it's been about 15 years since i was there last and i promised myself i would get back to see the wilder coast of the pacific, the eagles that roam about, the orcas that migrate, the air that feels so fresh, the tidal pools with amazing sea life-- starfish the likes of which i've never seen on the eastern coasts... a dynamic and lovely geography which has been calling me ... i am coming,-- thank you, thank you for calling -- i promised i would be back--somehow i was able to keep my promise...
so feeling a certain sense of reverence, anticipation, and peace in the knowledge that i'm finally getting a chance to explore-- if only for a brief time -- i leave with some images that somehow weirdly express my gratitude for the opportunity to leave this place where i reside. this gritty and rough edged city, with it's heavy architecture and slow progress. i lean toward the light of the west if just for a sweet reprieve...
i hope to return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. in the meantime friends who stop in to visit-- enjoy each day  -- be happy

byzantine 1373 via  illuminatedtheworld,  one thousand and one dreams, photo by yasmina alaoui and marco guerra,  the return flight, photo by andrea despot, passing a message, print by dr kennedy jones, and heart on my sleeve, screen print by  alyoisiuss pyker