more of portland....

i had found this shop in portland and went back the day we were leaving-- it was so much fun to look through this huge rambling store--it was filled with imports from japan, china, indonesia, and india-- every square inch of it was packed. needless to say-- i made peter and henry wait for me for a good long while! it was just too much fun. i bought some colorful litho tin pins to give as thank you gifts to customers, and a pair of antique chinese shoes ( i'll take a picture and post it soon). they're covered in detailed embroidery.
paper lanterns and decorations trailed everywhere-- the windows were great fun-- i took most of the shop windows the night before when we stopped at a brew pub. i had a glass of wine from a willamette winery-- locally grown.
 outside the shop had a porch with  mismatched rambling fencing -made
of weathered and faded carved doors and shutters. it was gorgeous!

 below are a few building and street views-- the sun was starting to go down and the light was especially beautiful

i feel like some kind of hokey ambassador of portland but it's truly a beautiful city --not too big and not too small. it has an intimate feeling where one isn't made to feel small or overwhelmed, with so many diverse neighborhoods. modern buildings rest comfortably among older architecture. city planning has accounted for top notch public transportation,  bike paths, wading pools and public parks, gardens, plazas-- a wonderfully people friendly place.
not only is the city fabulous but the outlying areas are amazingly beautiful as well-- at every turn there's a view,  a place to escape to, a part of nature to explore.  from ocean, mountains, to the desert interior, i'm in love with this part of the country. i'd move there in a heartbeat.


  1. I know what you mean! I lived in Portland for a couple of years, many years ago, and I would jump at the chance to go back and live there again. Sounds like you had an amazing trip.

  2. What wonderful photos, Kahi, . So glad you loved Portland and the Pacific NW, in general. Good to know you are home safe and happily writing about your trip! ..I'll have to work back and see what other postings I might have missed!

  3. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing....I have heard so many wonderful things about Portland...I hope to visit there soon!

  4. hi-- thanks for stopping in-- every one i talk to who has either lived or is living in the northwest region has great things to say about it --despite the rain. we were there without any rainfall-- enjoying the beautiful sunny non- humid weather. when we got off the plane back in buffalo-- we were hit with a wall of hot humid weather.
    most of all though the northwest is visually beautiful and stirring. there are amazing vistas at every turn. i'd move there in a heartbeat-- and i'd recommend to anyone that they go and visit

  5. You have caught the most amazing pics of this city...it looks like it has a huge oriental influence, Pacific, too. The colors are brilliant, tropical and cooling. Lovely!

  6. i've probably taken too many pictures of this one favorite place dawn, this asian market place-- because really the cit of portland has a lot of laid back modern warehouse style and old buildings beautifully woven together, but less obviously asian inspired.. it was definitely a wonderful season to visit. the nights were comfortable and the warm air dry.

  7. what fabulous photos, kathi. It really is something to see your city through another person's eyes. It looks good!! I'm saving you all a place when you decide to move out here!