well..this is one to make friends look at vacation photos.  at least you don't have to stay for the extended slide show though. these are a few snaps from cannon beach on the coast of oregon.. we drove from portland through beautiful evergreen and pine mountain roadways and emerged out from the highway to this spectacular coast line. the fog was just lifting. henry headed straight across the low tide horizon to dip himself in the frigid pacific water...
my favorite part of the oregon coast are these magnificent huge craggy rocks jutting out of the sea and low lying cliffs and hills that wind along. wonderfully dramatic... and a few pics of my sweeties, peter and henry.
it's hard to believe our trip is already over-- i was sad to leave the beautiful and vibrant northwest. i hope to make it there again and again... but always great to make it home where my older boys live and my kitties were waiting --albeit somewhat restless and just a little po'd--despite being well cared for!--and to a welcome of incredibly humid and hot weather too....
i'll post some favorite shop windows and portland city sights tomorrow.... thanks for stopping by.


  1. Kathi, you have infected me with wanderlust! I love the pics the way you have them juxtaposed...with snapshots of Henry and Peter, and the water, and then one of you! I hope you are full of fresh energy--and I wish you respite from the humid and hot weather back home...perhaps with a lemonade!

  2. hey there dawn-- you are a sweet heart to come for a peek. i know you would love oregon--it has such wonderful variety....and yes i've been drinking lemonade all day with the fan pointed in my direction! XO!

  3. what a lovely view of you and your family in this beautiful place! you all look so happy!
    are you already home?

  4. Looks like you've had a fun trip Kathi, welcome back! Love your photos, the windows are looking so cool and I was wondering if I can have that CMG please? Aah? :-))

    Good to see you, x!

  5. hi nubia --hi simone! nubia this is the 2nd or third time ive almost wished you a wonderful summer and then realized your experiencing an entirely different season--but i hope you're enjoying it all the same.
    ..yes we're home --i could easily have stayed and never come back--well..except for my boys and cats and a few friends..
    and simone-- did you have a great time away-- i saw on the thread that you'll be off to china again soon--what a fantastic experience that is.
    wishing you both lots of love!

  6. So glad you loved Oregon and the beaches, kathi.. am working my way from your third post to your second about the trip and then to the first. You all look like you belong there on that beautiful beach!

  7. hey there ginny-- i had such fun meeting you in your beautiful city! it was so kind of you to welcome me to your home and share your beautiful work with me... and your maps were key in helping us navigate our way through the city. many thanks to you friend! hope the summer continues to bring you lovely weather and inspiration! XOXO

  8. You all look like naturals in front of haystack Rock!