august vintage-- a little early..

well as always, after a break...it's time to get back into the swing of things.. and here is a sampling of new/old items recently listed in my vintage shop 5gardenias

i've been wrestling with the idea of giving up my vintage shop--despite the fact that i love collecting the odd bits and pieces of "stuff"  that i offer up in my little etsy shop-- and despite the fact that i believe wholeheartedly that selling vintage is the one good "green" thing i do-- recycling objects of the past and helping connect people with them, like some cyber adoption agency with the intent of finding a loving home for each special piece.. however, it seems as if the world of etsy has become saturated with vintage shops.  lots of great ones for sure. i started my vintage shop in 2008 when vintage was a dirty word on etsy ( you know-- not part of the handmade revolution...) --i've  had a good run of it, sent off many odd bits and pieces out into the world--but now --i'm left wondering if it's worth the effort to stay floating on my little worn dingy or to swim back to shore and bury my treasures-- let them capture some more of time's patina in the sand and salt...
anyhow -- i do love my photo sessions with the  objects-- when i get into it-- i almost feel the object talking to me, or maybe it's just the voices of the previous owners and their palm and finger prints rubbing against mine... mumbling and whispering in my ear...kathi, turn it this way.... NO not THAT prop--THIS one.. ahhhh that's better. oh nice light -- oooooh.... zzzzzzzzz ..."hey hey---HEY YOU-- wake up, come back-- i'm trying to finish up here. where did you say to place this one?"
well i'm not throwing in the towel yet because i have some sweet things photographed, and many more objects waiting quietly and patiently for their turn-but maybe soon it will just be me and my jewelry... and no more voices calling from the past....well who knows.... it's too hard to decide right now.

you can find my sweet little objects numbered below
  1. kitchen helper's collection
  2. london iron ( soon to be listed ) 
  3. french beaded flower corsage
  4. 1920s Star-Rite reversible toaster
  5.  Anchor Hocking 70s amber flower pitcher
  6.  retro 50s aurora borealis flower clip on earrings
  7. hand carved and signed large wooden spoon


  1. What a lovely posting, Kathi.. I was just sitting here trying to decide whether it's too late for a walk, took a little detour here and was drawn in by your musings about your vintage shop; your voice comes through in your words and in the wonderful photos of your "sweet little objects" I will be interested to see where these thoughts take you...

  2. ginny -- i always think you're up in the late night too--and then i remember the time difference. i can just see the beautiful late sun in your sky in my mind's eye. if i were there, we'd go for a walk to the water!


  3. dear kathi, it´s never too early (or too late) to share such beautiful little memories.

  4. I love your little treasures!!! And your photographs--hmmm didn't realize you have so much help with those! :) It definately shows! I love the simplicity of your photos and the lighting is perfect!
    xoxo Cait