Alright-- I've changed my mind. In case you happened to stop by earlier you may be wondering where my other post went... but I just realized that I'd already posted some nautical themed pieces recently. Given that June is just a day away, it's a great time to celebrate the coming summer with its patio garden parties,  farmer's markets,  cool evenings  ( at least occasional ones ) on the front porch,  and cooking up fresh recipes in the kitchen with locally grown produce ...I always get so excited when our farmer's market opens here in Buffalo-- with offerings of fresh veggies, perennials, jams and honey, maple syrup, home baked breads, hand made clothing and crafts.... nothing could be finer!
here are some fun new listings from 5gardenias to celebrate the sweet month of June and the first days of summer ( even though the summer heat has made a strong debut in Buffalo this May already!):
vintage farm stand berry baskets, handmade aqua gingham apron from 1960s, vintage hand crocheted striped throw, vintage collection of 1960s-70s raffia and lucite beverage cups.
May your Wednesday be full of creativity! Thanks for stopping in   : )


just listed in 5gardenias today... a vintage art pottery vase with a wonderful 40s-50s bungalow style and a peachy sweet glaze. happy wednesday to you!


a few more photos of new jewelry that will be listed in my Etsy shop-- hopefully by next week. all are made of sterling silver and blackened with an oxidized patina. the triangle link necklace is sporting some bold neon pink color -- some mod charisma for fun. the bracelet is made entirely of rhomboid shaped sterling links. very architectural and minimalistic-- and very light and comfortable on the wrist...



oh--the simplicity and elegance of this antique ironstone platter!.... just had to let you know it's ready and waiting for you if you so desire....


Is it really May already? !!  My garden is beginning to blossom and typically this doesn't happen in this neck of the woods until June--but we had record high temps in March this year.... so things are coming up extra early. Not that I mind having Spring show its pretty face a bit before expected, I'm enjoying every minute of it! I'm just going to have to add some new plantings to keep the garden looking fresh all summer. And any excuse to be out in the garden is a fine excuse in my book.

And speaking of summer-- I've added some summer inspired nautical items to 5gardenias vintage like the sweet antique primitive model wooden steamship and vintage queen conch shell  and flamingo bird and starfish necklace ( put together by me with vintage components added to darkened brass chain with a lobster clasp).

Also a few fine old pieces with oodles of charisma -- this charming antique double sided shaving mirror, I'm picturing this along side a claw foot tub and old linen bath towels... an adorably enchanting set of matching antique porcelain and luster tea cups perfect for fanciful tea parties, or turn into pin cushions or candles...then gift them to your favorite hostess or auntie. Last but not least this intricate and delicate antique hand tatted lace bodice trim with the palest palest pink mesh border-- just waiting for loving hands to work their magic and breath some new life into the stitches....

I'm hoping everyone is enjoying their Spring days and nights--or Autumn ones if you're in the southern hemisphere. Wishing you a beautiful end to your week and a lovely weekend to come--Thanks for stopping in for a visit!