September Vintage

Nights are cooling off, but the days are still plenty warm-- one of the things I love most about the end of August and early Autumn. I hope everyone has been well this summer and finding moments of relaxation and ways to stay cool during these very hot months!
I've just now added a few new items to 5gardenias-- a sprinkling of fiery paprika red to honor the coming changes of the leaves ...
vintage red crewelwork wool pillow cover, 1950s black felt fedora, mid century lunch plate set,
1960s Larks rust red suede pumps


august on the cape

                                                            so here are some views of our little cottage by the sea....
                                                                               i adore these little toile curtains....
                                                                   peter always brings his paints and easel on vacation
                                                              a very special tomato from this charming roadside stand

                                                                                                  the sweet entry

                                                                                      our little rustic home for a week

                                                                                              path to the bay beach
                                                                                                 resident bunny

                                                                                                 on the atlantic side
                                                                                             morning ...breakfast time
                                                                              a farewell to the Cape after what seemed like a flash

and a sweet overnight in Boston, visiting some favorite old stomping grounds-- a very memorable landmark in Kenmore Square-- the ever present Citgo sign-- and my favorite movie theater of all time- the Coolidge Corner Theater where I worked during my last year at art school and then some. One of my favorite jobs. I think I watched every art house movie known to man while there-- it was a blast. The staff would stay after hours for movie marathons-- our very own private screenings... My camera ran out of battery power shortly after taking this photo... it was time to go..
So wonderful to getaway for a brief spell... but it was sooooo good to get back to the kitties and our home.


Just back from a time away at Cape Cod for a good dose of sea and sand. I have pictures to post of our sweet little cottage, some views of the water and an overnight stay in my old stomping ground- Boston. Sadly my batteries still weren't working in my camera despite the fact that they were brand new and  even recharged. My photo taking ended abruptly. Time to take my camera in for a repair! The week went by in a lovely flash, but always good to be home. I did manage to finish this necklace right before we left, and now I've just listed it in my Etsy shop. Happy Monday!


 I'm always such a sucker for fabulous styling and Dietland Wolf tops my list as an all time fave. She  creates the most sensual and hunger inducing food shots I've ever seen - and that goes for her decor styling as well. Unfortunately for me these photos only serve to make our take out meal ( hurried day today) look quite pathetic! Maybe with the help of some raspberry calligraphy we can hope for an exotic transformation!


                                   sweetest little vintage carved wood folk art rabbit... just added to the shop


mellow august

feeling the mellowing of summer and the slow advance toward Autumn.... some additions to my vintage shop at 5gardenias clockwise top left to right: wonderful antique Rayo Railroad lantern from the early 1900s, made by Bradley and Hubbard,  Edwardian Ornate Picture FrameEdwardian lace doily collection, and the sweetest 1950s Pine Scent Pottery marbled fawn made by the Rocky Mountain Pottery Co. from Loveland Colorado.
wishing you all a wonderful summer weekend!


                               These are favorites of mine from my jewelry shop--

                                                                    sweet needle point coin purse..... at 5gardenias