august on the cape

                                                            so here are some views of our little cottage by the sea....
                                                                               i adore these little toile curtains....
                                                                   peter always brings his paints and easel on vacation
                                                              a very special tomato from this charming roadside stand

                                                                                                  the sweet entry

                                                                                      our little rustic home for a week

                                                                                              path to the bay beach
                                                                                                 resident bunny

                                                                                                 on the atlantic side
                                                                                             morning ...breakfast time
                                                                              a farewell to the Cape after what seemed like a flash

and a sweet overnight in Boston, visiting some favorite old stomping grounds-- a very memorable landmark in Kenmore Square-- the ever present Citgo sign-- and my favorite movie theater of all time- the Coolidge Corner Theater where I worked during my last year at art school and then some. One of my favorite jobs. I think I watched every art house movie known to man while there-- it was a blast. The staff would stay after hours for movie marathons-- our very own private screenings... My camera ran out of battery power shortly after taking this photo... it was time to go..
So wonderful to getaway for a brief spell... but it was sooooo good to get back to the kitties and our home.


  1. I could soak in the magical spell of beach and sunshine, good food, relaxation. Kathi, you must feel like a new woman, raring to go! I loved this photo-essay so much, and will do one of Provence in a month!

  2. Dawn-- thanks for viewing the photos. It's always inspiring and refreshing to see new sights. While I wasn't altogether rested coming home, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to get away for a bit. I know I'll love seeing your photo spread of Provence as it may be the only way I will be able to visit the region--vicariously through your eyes!! XO

  3. Thanks for the little mini vacation to the ocean!! Sounds like a wonderful week you had! Enjoy these last days of summer Kathi!

  4. glad you could join us for vacay Patti! next time how about a trip to Valencia?