5gardenias Vintage holiday weekend sale

 a little treat for my favorite customers-- here's a coupon code for 10% off any item in 5gardenias Vintage shop. good starting today Nov 25 ( the day before black friday ) through Monday Nov 29 ( cyber monday).  enter 5garV at checkout. enjoy-- and happy holiday!


winter vintage

some new finds in 5gardenias vintage shop,  in honor of winter and the holiday season. the shop has lots of holiday goodies --ornaments, home decor, kitchen items, jewelry, accessories, all ready to be sent out into the world. great gifts for you or someone who shares your love for well worn objects with character.
clockwise from top 
1.  1940s-50s aqua blue ornament with snow ( mica) covered farm and santa and reindeer flying through the night.  listing soon.
2. sweet bisque dutch couple with faded aqua blue paint, made in japan. listing soon.
4. pair of johnson brothers "old english countryside" transfer ware mugs


long week

a few snapshots of my sweet hearts--my sons dancing... and my dearest cat maria on our deck-- and resting with henry. maria sleeps on my chest or curls next to my head every night. her purring helps me fall to sleep. i have to say maria or "emmie" as i like to call her is one of the most loving and wonderful cats that i've ever had the pleasure of living with.
as everyone knows first hand, some week's are so much better than others--- this past week was just plain lousy. filled with negative and saddening things--but that happens.  nothing works better to pull me out of a funk than looking around me and finding the beauty in my family and friends.  so in honor of love, home, and joy-- i bring you this post ... have a wonderful weekend...  and remember to dance as often as possible....