saying goodbye to may

still raining here in this neck of the woods... they say it's been a record rainfall for spring. so i've hung this sweet antique silk dressing gown in the window, hoping its delicate flowers will inspire the sun to come out to play soon....  a little kiss goodbye to may and a hope for a beautiful summer ahead..


mid may vintage finds

here it is mid may already! the cherry and magnolia trees are finally in full bloom here, the leaves are out on the maples. spring has been late in arriving, but i'm sooooo happy it's here... and i've been late in posting. must be something about may....  i just want to take a little time out to stop and smell the flowers..
here are a few new sweet spring finds just listed in 5gardenias-- hope you enjoy-- wishing you a happy spring!
left to right top row:
1. antique hand made "make do" primitive metal can scoop 
2. antique hand tinted portrait of a young woman
3. pair of antique doctor's elixir bottles 
4. vintage shabby tole work wrought iron candle sconce 


1940s glamour...

this week's still life and soon to be listed vintage find in 5gardenias... a bit of 1940s glamor and nostalgia. a vintage glove box in a wonderful aqua blue quilted satin. i can't help but think of platform shoes, padded shoulders, red lipstick and pin up girls......  and i can't help but leave you with a quote from betty grable
The woman's vision is deep reaching, the man's far reaching. With the man the world is his heart, with the woman the heart is her world.

happy thursday dear people!