heading out

as i get ready to take a flight out to the northwest coast i'm feeling a sense of relief-- of imminent escape-- of longing.. it's been about 15 years since i was there last and i promised myself i would get back to see the wilder coast of the pacific, the eagles that roam about, the orcas that migrate, the air that feels so fresh, the tidal pools with amazing sea life-- starfish the likes of which i've never seen on the eastern coasts... a dynamic and lovely geography which has been calling me ... i am coming,-- thank you, thank you for calling -- i promised i would be back--somehow i was able to keep my promise...
so feeling a certain sense of reverence, anticipation, and peace in the knowledge that i'm finally getting a chance to explore-- if only for a brief time -- i leave with some images that somehow weirdly express my gratitude for the opportunity to leave this place where i reside. this gritty and rough edged city, with it's heavy architecture and slow progress. i lean toward the light of the west if just for a sweet reprieve...
i hope to return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. in the meantime friends who stop in to visit-- enjoy each day  -- be happy

byzantine 1373 via  illuminatedtheworld,  one thousand and one dreams, photo by yasmina alaoui and marco guerra,  the return flight, photo by andrea despot, passing a message, print by dr kennedy jones, and heart on my sleeve, screen print by  alyoisiuss pyker


  1. Have a wonderfully rejuvenating vacation Kathi, and don't forget to pack your long johns!

  2. I wish you the greatest pleasures! This trip seems so neccessary--for me too--and the words you have used describe exactly the longing I feel for the new and nature...have a great time, Kathi! XXX

  3. thanks for your good wishes--- we landed in seattle and what a great city to begin our trip in. the views in every direction are spectacular with mt. ranier in the nearby distance --white capped and other worldly looking.....i'm posting a few funny pics of our city meanderings today.