The Bee

Like trains of cars on tracks of plush
I hear the level bee:
A jar across the flowers goes,
Their velvet masonry
Withstands until the sweet assault
Their chivalry consumes,
While he, victorious, tilts away
To vanquish other blooms.
His feet are shod with gauze,
His helmet is of gold;
His breast, a single onyx
With chrysoprase, inlaid.
His labor is a chant,
His idleness a tune;
Oh, for a bee's experience
Of clovers and of noon!

--Emily Dickinson


  1. Eloquently stated, thank you !

  2. Kathi, there's great inspiration in Dickinson's lovely poem and thanks for helping out our friends, the bees!

  3. thank you Kathi. A lovely poem I've not read before. Your ring is beautiful!

  4. Oh Kathi ....! What an amazing post! Beautful poem and I adore your new ring! Thank you very much for including me in all this rich talent and loveliness!
    Kim x

  5. This bee ring of yours is fit for a Queen my dear! I love the collages you put together of everyone's work, simply BEEutiful.

  6. What a beautiful poem and your ring is gorgeous!

  7. I love the new ring Kathi, beautifully inspired. As well as so many excellent finds from the team.

  8. oh wow, what a visual feast! thank you for including us in your stunning collages.

  9. I love Emily Dickinson, and your new ring. It's such a combination of form, symbol and beauty...gosh is all I can say. Gosh! And your whole blogspot is beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful post, love your new rings,
    Thanks for introducing me to Amily's Poem and for including my watercolor bee and poppies and bee and daisy, XO YAel

  11. Lovely poem, your new ring is beautiful! Thanks for including my work in your post.

  12. I so much enjoyed the whole bee bussines :D
    Beautiful poem, beautiful ring, and gorgeous mosaics, Kathi!

    And thanks so much for featuring our honeycomb purse!

  13. Kathi, such a great bee honoring post!!! your ring is fantastic, the mosaics and features are awesome! (Thank you for adding my necklace!)

  14. RALLY love your ring- and the choices with bee and honey themes are spectacular!