i guess i'm in a red and yellow mood....
starting at the top
crocheted accessory, "Trailing Flowers", Maisy and Alice
textile embroidered cuff, "Like Honey Washed Ashore",  La Touchables
1912 antique plate, banana strudel
hand woven poncho, Poncho de Feu, by sub rosa 
vintage mary janes, " Miss Contrary Shoes",  Second Wind Vintage
watercolor, Stone Cliffs by Golly Bard
photo, " Baby Lamb",  lucy snowe photography
hand sewn "Baby Squirrel Venus",  Dragon House of Yuen
screen print, "Solo", Alyoisiuss Pyker
watercolor, "Family Dancing",  fric de mentol


  1. You have a most beautiful blog...and interesting one too. I love the artwork you show, the glimps into your world, your beautiful work.

  2. dawn-- i always appreciate your visits dawn--and your comments--thanks a bunch

  3. I LOVE this collection of things you've picked! The colors are perfect! I'm so happy to see my shoes mesh so well with these beautiful things. Thank you for including them.


  4. I love your taste..and yes..beautiful blog..thank you for including me! Lucy Snowe

  5. those are such romantic shoes, i wish i had a pair of my own. thank you for sharing such beautiful photographs.


  6. A red and yellow mood = a warm and luminous mood :)
    Many thanks for the feature amongst beautiful pieces in a beautiful place!

  7. Kathi, I just adore your design sensibility. Always so carefully composed. I'm in love with the mary janes! Thank you for including my painting too!

  8. Kathi, your taste is exquisite! The most beautiful finds and those shoes are divine. I'm delighted to be amongst such beauty!

  9. WOW This is such an amazing Collection, love them all Kathi

  10. so well put together Kathi, I'm honoured to be here amongst so much talent, including your own!! thanks for adding young Venus, she's chuffed

  11. wow-- thanks for all of your visits and comments-- it's such a pleasure to feature your wonderful work and shops--happy sunday to you all! :)

  12. Those choices are just so great. I love seeing all of the eclectic talents in one place.