summer's here...

sweet summer succotash...  it all started with this little strawberry heart from my little strawberry patch...

kootut murut,
dottie angel blankets,
loise bourgeois drawing,
will mentor lithograph,
sweet summer strawberry --my photo


  1. Whoa! Love your new facelift!!! So simple yet effective!

  2. hey dawn-- i had such a hard time figuring out the old and new blog system --i hadn't realized they upgraded the options. i spent far too long trying to fix a few mistakes--but it was fun to finally make some changes. so glad you noticed and like it--thanks!

  3. hi kathi! loved the new banner and the changes you´ve made here! very summery, light and lovely!
    have a great day!

  4. Kathi, I love your new look and all of your lovely finds - especially fond of L.B. - I love her drawings. They are so intimate.

  5. thanks nubia and holly-- always so thoughtful of you to stop in for a look. i enjoy and appreciate your comments and input immensely-- thanks XO!!

    with summer here-- it seemed time to do some spring cleaning... better late than never...