a few sweet things for the day

a few shots of alabama chanin's summer line. one of my favorite clothing and textile designers-- i could easily spend each and every day in these garments- alas-- they are much too pricey for such sorts of daydreams... oh... and a shot of a sweet hand embroidered flower pot teaming with cheerful flowers and a little bumble bee who's taken a shine to said flowers-- stitched on white nubby linen -- in a grass green wood frame--it's hanging on our wall in our house until someone decides to snatch it up in my vintage shop... happy thursday to you :)


  1. Wow!!! I can see why you are drawn to these textiles! true artistry!

  2. Delightful images...I tried to comment a minute ago but I was swallowed up by the internet forces...but I'm going to go check out her (and your) shop right now!

  3. dawn-- i hope you've managed to swim back upstream and relaunch -- hah -- you are funny-- have fun looking at the wonderful textiles...

    and you too sheila-- hope you left inspired!