Mod3rnArt Jewelry

another of the things that i am late in getting to. i have been intending to post a bit about Mod3rnArt's extensive jewelry site. well finally!!!

in addition to having a wonderful all in one site that feature's their own nature inspired jewelry with a clean modern edge-- always with a lovely organic feel-- Mod3rn site also has links to their blog , where they often feature other talented artists-- and their etsy shop Mod3rnArt.etsy.com

in addition to all the above, Mod3rnArt has been working on an ongoing project of collecting studio shots of etsy artist's work spaces. here is a small sampling above. i love getting a peek of people's personal spaces. it's always fascinating to see how and where artists spend their days and nights ( in many cases) and to see what they surround themselves with, what solutions they come up with for storage, light, space. the kinds of tools and equipment they use..all of it a wonderful glimpse into a very real and thriving world of artists working everyday at what they love!

so thank you Mod3rnArt --for taking the time to compile such an interesting list--!


  1. I love having a glimpse of other people's studios--I've spent so much of my life in one, can't imagine life without one!

  2. ---it's funny-- if someone had asked you to envision the space you would spend a good deal of your adult life in --would you have thought it to have been a studio?

  3. I absolutely love getting a peak at other peoples work spaces, I just wish mine looked like any of the above!! I have piles of bits and pieces all over the house, I spread out terribly!