Wow! The time has been moving at ultra speed. But before it slips by even further I wanted to wish everyone a most beautiful series of days leading up to and away from this holiday season. May each of you find some time however short or long to truly savor what is meaningful in your life. To hear the quiet snow, or your children's laughter,  hold the hand of a loved one, feel the warmth of a shared experience. Beyond the hype, the gifts, the stress of making it all happen-- just find a place where you remember what matters and know that fulfillment comes sometimes in very small doses, in the tiny snippets of experience that take us through each day. May each of you find that fulfillment and be happy for those sweet moments.
Here's hoping 2013 brings exciting new possibilities, plenty of creative energy and much love and happiness to each of you!


  1. Glad I happened into blogland Kathi in time to see this. May you also have a wonderful holiday season and new year! Always lovely to "see" you! Much love and happiness and all those other wonderful things to you, too!

  2. many thanks dear Ginny-- always so nice to know you've been here.. i hope your holidays were extra lovely this year! much love to you!