Finally--A chance to add a new piece to my jewelry shop! A stack ring set with a group of blackened and fused gold bands and a focal ring with a golden pod featured in a rustic setting.  The fun part about this ring set is that it can be worn all together for a nice full look, or the rings can be worn separately- with the small bands together in any combination or number-- and the pod ring looks simply beautiful on its own. I love stack rings for this reason. They're versatile. I'll be listing this in my etsy shop today...

  Life has been moving at warp speed, with so many challenges coming at me from right and left. We spent much of our summer and part of September and October getting our home prepared to put on the market for sale. Lots and lots of painting, repairing, de-cluttering.... all good things, but so exhausting, as we've done all the work ourselves. Our place is listed and now there's the task of showing, upkeep and searching for a home. I love our home- it's been renovated with our own two hands and holds so many dear memories. If we sell it I know I'll probably cry for days, but our building is on a busy city street and it's become more and more difficult to live here.  After 12 years, the noise and traffic and gritty edge has finally worn us down. We're hoping to find a home on a quiet street that's big enough to allow for studio space. One of the difficulties of being an artist is the necessity for the room to work, so that makes the search more challenging!
So if I'm a little less active here on my blog pages, it's because we're up to our eyeballs in house searching and hopefully finding a home to move to and then making THAT happen.

In the meantime my heart goes out to all the people who were in hurricane Sandy's path. The storm has done enormous damage and so many have lost their homes, and too many people have died. Let's hope this wake up call will be heeded by both local, state and federal government. Climate change is very real-- and this disaster along with the many others that have been happening at an alarming rate all over the country are indeed bringing this issue to the forefront. No more denial and excuses. It's time for action.

Wishing everyone the best.


  1. Hi kathi: Nice to see your new work..I can still see it on etsy even if I am not there anymore (Big cartel instead!).. Good luck with the house hunting; looks like you will be stay there then and not heading across the country? I'm glad you were not in the path of hurricane Sandy. I'm busy, have a blog post up with some pix..I'm glad I had a look at blog posts this morning and found yours! xx Ginny

  2. How did I miss this post? No wonder this set of rings sold right out of your shop! Beautiful work, Kathi!

  3. Hello Ginny and Dawn-- so nice to see that you've stopped in! Ginny I'll have to seek you out on Big Cartel and see what you've been up to- and Dawn I'm long overdue for a visit.
    thanks so much for visiting! xo!