The Ghost of Emily Bronte

I've been visited by the ghost of Emily Bronte-- a very cooperative model as it turns out...
Isn't she lovely?
This is a 1970s reproduction figural porcelain clay pipe from an 1879 mold made by John Pollack & Co of Manchester, England.
A classic beauty... and such a fine writer
She's available in my new shop OhDearViolet

enjoy a lovely day


  1. I love your new shop, Kathi--and Emily is entirely enchanting!

  2. Hi Kathi: Congratulations on your new shop; I ', gad I happened by here..and although i am no longer on easy I can at least look at other people's shops. These items you ahve and the others are again expressions of your great design sense and good taste!

  3. thanks dear Dawn and Ginny. so nice to find you both here on this quiet rainy Sunday.
    XO to you both!