Finally getting here with an official welcome to Spring and a 5gardenias shop update. This particular winter has seemed excessively long, snow filled and colder than most any other winter I can remember. I know that this has been true for many of you hasn't it? A winter of record amounts of snow and sub zero temperatures?  My answer to this staggering freeze? Hibernation. Now, like some tiny, timid fuzzy creature I'm finally poking my nose out the door of my little burrow. It's much too cold and the ground is still covered with ice and snow-- but for the first time I am feeling hopeful. The temps are actually supposed to reach above 30 degrees this week! I think it's apt to feel downright tropical. 

I am so looking forward to seeing this snow melt away, which by now has turned a dirty black and brown along the road edges, and just looks as tired of being here as we all are of seeing it. I have seen people posting photos of Spring blooms  - crocuses, daffodils, snow drops... and I can't help but think that I should go wherever those blossoms are-- right away!

Instead, I'll just have to wait this out like a big girl. At some point it will be our turn for blossoms and sunshine.... Right? 

For now I'll leave you with some links to the goodies above-- all recent additions to 5gardenias vintage:
left to right top row:
middle row:
bottom row:

There are many new and exciting changes coming this Spring and Summer and I will keep you updated. A new studio is under construction and nearing completion, which will house my husband's painting studio and my ceramic and jewelry studios. I can't begin to express how excited I am to be getting back to my ceramic work, and to continue with my metal work, and to have fun making some collaborative work with my hub. It's the start of a new chapter after a long hiatus. Stay tuned .... and Happy Spring dear people!

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  1. Hibernating is good! I'm sure you'll be absolutely bursting with creativity in your new studio, sounds great. Love the necklace by the way.