Hello there! I've been away a good long while. I took a break from blogging this past summer, and though I missed it I do believe that it's always important to take breaks- even from the creative and pleasant routines we have. In the space of time from when I last posted to now, so much has happened-- yet nothing of any great importance. The summer went by in a flash despite my attempts to enjoy every day of it. I hope you were able to grab some great summer moments for yourselves-- a little time to regroup, refresh, slow down, getaway, read, cook, garden, explore, bike, hike, play, create ....
I thought I'd start back up by posting a collage that combines a bit of summer with a bit of autumn. September always has that wonderful mix of warm and cool, with last remnants of summer still lingering-- tomatoes still ripening, summer fruit still fresh at the local markets, skies remaining somewhat light later in the day, trees just ever so slowly beginning to turn toward winter - but still green. Squirrels have been scrambling like mad, making nests and collecting nuts and seeds, joggers are out running with dogs. Clouds are still big and puffy, windows are still left open at night.... So much to love about this time of year. We spent a few last days of August in the mountains and Denver city visiting with family and hiking - so a few of the photos come from time spent surrounded by the beauty of Colorado. The rest are of home and the shops. Please stop by 5gardenias and my jewelry shop if you care to see what else is listed. Wishing you the best -- thanks for stopping by!

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