Finally getting started on new jewelry work for 2014. I took a good break as I found myself feeling burned out. I decided for the new year to make limited runs of signature pieces like my 'Bellflower' earrings. No more made to order pieces. Not that I don't enjoy making pieces for people-- but after a time repeatedly making the same design over and over again can prevent one from moving forward and discovering new paths or new designs. So starting today I have 5 pairs of my bell flower earrings up for grabs. 2 pairs of 'Silver Bellflower' earrings in the brushed matte and burnished silver finish, 2 pairs of "La Nuit " bellflowers with blackened patina, and one pair of 'Golden Bellflower' with a hand applied fused 23kt gold leaf finish ( also known as keum boo ). In addition, I'm listing the other new earrings which are pictured above. A pair of blackened dangle 'Overlap' earrings,  two sets of 'Terra Blanca' oval post earrings-- very minimalist- but with fabulous textured irregular organic surfaces and a lovely white matte finish - And a pair of blackened 'Hive' earrings- inspired by honey combs. All will be listed over the course of the next day or two.
Thanks for stopping by for a sneak peek! Have a wonderful weekend : )


  1. I love the delicate graphic simplicity of your work. I'd wear them all!