These are the colors that stay with me the most in autumn-- this deep velvety black -- the color of the tree trunks in the autumn rain, and the brilliant gold of the leaves as we near the end of the season- with their last beautiful burst of life. The combination always moves me-- stirs up my heart and leaves me with a sense of longing and love...  I've grown more deeply appreciative of this amazing season with each year of my life-- it brings me a sense of hope, of peace and of an acceptance of inevitable change.
I found these leaves on two separate walks -- the double leaf -- reminded me of twins joined at the hip, of two aspects of a single being. Of duality and connection, of bonding and shared experience. The other-- the ginkgo leaves, I found while out searching for my missing cat. Feeling anxious and sad I looked up and saw this magnificent tree and found it reassuring, these gentle and elegant leaves seemed to whisper that everything would be alright.
After 6 sleepless nights, a neighbor called to tell me they thought they'd found my cat in their storage room above their garage. I had made flyers and put them in every mail box in my neighborhood.  Thankfully they called. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I found that it was my sweet boy in their storage room. Scared and skinny, we brought him home. We've been celebrating with extra love and treats. I can't think of a better way to begin this month of November.
Wishing everyone a beautiful month ahead!


  1. Kathi, this moved me to no end--the associations you've drawn, and the outcome of many days of search and doubt and needless to say, hope.

  2. the best outcome after so many days of worrying what might have happened-- animals can be so vulnerable. thanks for your comment Dawn-- so nice to know you were here. xo.

    1. I always come by for a peek, Kathi--often I don't comment, but I can't resist your take on things.