Earlier in the week I had planned a Thanksgiving post for my blog-- to wish everyone well with the hope that this Thanksgiving holiday ( if you were celebrating it ) would bring happiness and a sense of deep connection to all those you hold dear in your lives-- and for those unable to share the holiday with loved ones, the hope that the day was spent enjoying a relaxing time & treating yourselves well. I never did get to make that post.....  Instead---this happened--a fall down the stairs and a visit to the ER on the eve of our first big Buffalo snowfall.
My special Thanksgiving thanks is that I'm grateful the outcome wasn't worse! A fracture and torn ligament leave me hobbling around on crutches and in a boot-- but I was able to enjoy our small family gathering -- and even managed to make the cranberry sauce. The other thing I'm deeply thankful for are the sweet men in my life - my husband and three sons. All of whom have the biggest hearts, gentlest souls and manage to keep me laughing through all of our ups and downs. And also-- I should mention my hub did a fantastic job cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. He's an ace in the kitchen and pulled it all off without a hitch! I'm blessed to have such a beautiful family. And I thank my lucky stars every day for them--- not just on Thanksgiving.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot, Kathi. This happened to me in August, and it took awhile to heal. Just hang in there, it will get better. Try to get physical therapy early, like 'now', to avoid the issues that might surface with time. Hugs to you.

  2. Thanks Dawn-- yes such a good idea to get the physical therapy going now! I'm trying to take it easy, but there are so many things to do this time of year-- it's a challenge. XO to you!

  3. Ouuch!! It must have been so painful!! Hope you are getting better!
    I´ve just found your blog today and loved it! Love your shop too :-)

  4. Hi Maria -- so nice to find your lovely message! I'm delighted you enjoyed my little spot in the world here on this blog. I send you best wishes for a beautiful holiday. Hope you come and visit in 2014. Cheers! : )