Finally a few sweet and lovelies to share with you from OhDearViolet. With July nearly over I find myself wondering where on earth summer has gone to?  I've tried to take a little more time off than I normally allow myself --so posts and shop listings have been on the slow side. I must admit I feel a tinge of guilt for falling behind. Still I think it's best to slow down and smell the summer roses. Some stores have already started stocking their autumn items-- I'm just not ready for that! And while these finds aren't exactly summery-- they are most definitely not intended to rush you into Autumn mode. Happy Tuesday to you all : )
from top left and clockwise:
an antique silhouette portrait of a woman from the 1934 World's fair with handwritten date and signature in pencil on the paper backing ( I just love when original handwriting is coupled with a beautiful piece-- such an added bonus of specialness!)
vintage metal mesh rose findings -- so perfect for jewelry making
and the dearest antique petite point ( very tiny fine needlepoint ) and glass perfume bottle with gold washed ornate framework.

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