some fresh listings in my vintage shop 5gardenias from left to right top row.
                                         i'm definitely getting in the spirit of autumn with brisk air and grey skies 
                                         descending on the region... it has a certain romance about it.
                                         1.  metal scalloped oval bowl,  2. autumn leaves 1040s celluloid necklace,
                                         3.  antique porcelain lidded jar,  4. celluloid comb with silver plate border


  1. You have a very nice blog here, Kathi:) Love the comb in your gardenia shop, reminds me of the old comb my mother had when I was small.

  2. ...the compositions of your pieces let's the imagination wander--an altogether lovely effect!

  3. sometimes i feel like i really get a feel for the objects --this shoot was fun, the light cooperating-- thanks for noticing!!...and for stopping by-- XO!