Farm Fresh Egg.... or the story of Humpty Dumpty..

 i had fun this morning.. and posted this little rhyme along with this etsy treasury collection...
Humpty was off for a sightseeing visit.  
He scaled an arch for the view was exquisite. 
When out of the blue along came an adder ( HISS) who carelessly knocked Humpty off from his ladder!
He toppled and rolled and proceeded to fall and everyone round could hear our poor Humpty Ball.  
Then along came a girl in  blue top and hat with a net--- she asked " Are you hurt? Why are you  wet?" " I'll call handy Andy--he has some great tools"... but he showed up with string--what was he--a fool?! Humpty asked Andy to please phone the king-- to quick send his horses-- or anything!
So along came a horse but he was too small to help pick up Humpty from his unfortunate fall...
Big forks came in handy and fried eggs were delicious--for that handy man andy was  just a tiny bit vicious...(..but to Humpty's credit he was very nutritious!)


  1. Ciao, Kathi..Just checked into blogland and how marvelous to see your wonderful rhyme and collection!

  2. LOL--Kathi, you ... I have got to read this again, before I create the unpardinable sin
    of falling on my...

  3. hah-- i'm so glad you enjoyed-- i'm still getting a good chuckle from it myself!