bulldozer man

this just listed in 5gardenias vintage-- a wonderful tin toy from the 50s-- a farmer driving a bulldozer-- so many great details in this piece-- from the cuffs of his jeans, side seam stitching-- to his cap, plaid shirt and blue eyes-- his arms are articulated, capable of bending and moving--he holds on to the gear shifts...


  1. made me think of the new series i've been streaming from the history channel 'pickers'. they would go nuts for that. cool find, thanks for sharing!

  2. ...definitely a collector's treasure! I'd like to hear a song about this man--something sung by Neil Young? What a great addition to anyone's vitrine!

  3. hey paula -- is "pickers" a series about people who go and collect finds for antiques dealers?--and dawn-- i can hear neil playing "prairie wind" -- :)--i was just listening to that song and all the others on that cd this past week!