more cobalt and white

i photographed one of my favorite thrown porcelain bowls from my pottery making days-- more cobalt  blue and white.  i wanted to post it with the last bunch of blue and white faves but i didn't have the photo of it ready....and i found this shot from my old studio with some of my blue and white polka dot series...


  1. hi kathi!
    what a lovely bowl!
    hope everything is fine with you! have a lovely sunday!

  2. kathi, I'd love to see more of your work from those days!

  3. The bowl is beautiful. I really like what's in it! What a fun and unexpected addition those little animals are!

  4. I so wish I had taken pottery lessons and promise to myself to do soon, as I love this art.

    Your work, creations, life, home and environment are all absolutely beautiful and carry a wonderful creative energy with them.

    Grateful we met Kathi
    all the best,

  5. beautiful shaped and colored bowl!

  6. i do miss making my ceramic work --and i highly recommend trying it if you're so inclined-- it has a therapeutic aspect to it that many people really enjoy-- something to do with the softness of the earth in your hands....
    thanks so much for stopping by!