5gardenias holidays

sepia and gold, early celluloid and victorian tinsel to warm the holidays with.... new listings in 5gardenias vintage for those of you who love time worn objects... i've been enjoying visiting with all of these fabulous holiday decorations, but they're anxious to be given as gifts or to be kept and cared for by a loving soul....

clockwise from top
1.  gold mercury glass pick ornaments ( listing today )
2.  antique engraved christmas card from 1864
3.  celluloid santa and reindeer from the 40s-50s
4.  victorian tinsel ornament


  1. love your presentation and style :) the tinsel ornaments are great

  2. hi paula---i'm a sucker for those tinsel ornaments-- i have a small collection of my own-- which this one might soon become part of.. thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Kathi- hope these get snapped up but if not they might enjoy staying with you a bit longer..I know I would..sweet posting..nice finds..happy holidays..xo

  4. hey there ginny-- so nice to find that you stopped in-- ...and yes i won't mind visiting with these goodies for a while longer. one of the fringe benefits of selling vintage..
    hope all is well and you're making plenty of new and wonderful work!

  5. I think I love your blog, but having a terrible time reading it as it is too light. Anyone else having this problem?