victorian wallet

i often wonder why i'm drawn to certain objects so strongly. i've had this little antique leather wallet for years, only taking it out every now and then to open it, to study it, to touch the soft delicate leather-- knowing it was at least 100 years old, knowing it shouldn't be handled often or with too much enthusiasm. i would take pleasure in touching the surfaces, opening all the secret compartments, enjoying all the beautiful attention to detail. what a strange and compelling thing good design is. no matter what century, no matter how small, the seemingly inconsequential can be wonderfully satisfying if it's been made with care. i love the now worn and scuffed surface of the chestnut leather.  i imagine the fingers that opened the clasp and unfolded the wallet--- what was it that was put away in this little arrangement of folds? money? -- notes?  a photo or two? a locket of hair? a list of to do's?  a love note?  this once belonged to O. V.  Metcalf of Georgetown Mass, and is so signed in delicate penmanship in pencil on the attached card. on the other side of the card  is a list of numbers, some crossed out.. what were they numbers for?-- a log of money earned, of business inventory, of payments owed? and the the paper thin leather section that opens to reveal an amazing show of magenta silk lining-- what sweet thing was stored there? 
i've decided to part with this fine little wallet. it's time to send it on to earn new history. it's funny how hard it's been to make the decision to part with it. i've hemmed and hawed and even put it back on the little shelf where i'd kept it-- a number of times.... but i'm trying to be good and let go.... 
i offer it up to it's next loving friend and keeper... you will find it listed in my vintage shop, 5gardenias

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