While we're still experiencing the grey skies of winter here, there are little flashes of promise, occasional hints,  a day of sunshine followed by a day of flurries. A warm nearly balmy day,  with a plummet to bone chilling the next. Such is February. Still-- I love this month because of the mix, the change of days from one to the next, full of surprises and tumult. It makes me so aware that Spring is up ahead...nearly within sight.  Here are a few new vintage listings inspired by anticipation and excitement for Spring:
art pottery swan planter/vase from the 40s, fabulous vintage laboratory glass storage bottles with ground stoppers, a charming handmade vintage apron covered with blue roses, and a sweet little bouquet of vintage millinery fabric flowers
I'm wishing you a beautiful day-- and give yourself some extra love for Valentines Day!

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