I  finished a pair of custom earrings the other day for a lovely customer-- then I decided to photograph them for good measure. Sweet little bumpy pods- irregular, earthy and just a touch elegant.


  1. Those are beautiful, Kathi! What striking woman must be wearing these!

  2. So sweet! I'd love to learn how to make these one of these days. Some of my customers prefer post earrings rather than the earrwires.

  3. I'd love to meet this woman Dawn-- her husband buys my jewelry to give as gifts to her. I love making jewelry when I know it's being given as a gift--it's always an honor and so sweet when it's tied to the heart like that.

    ..and Alice-- posts are really very simple. You could probably find a "how to" demo on YouTube, or in a jewelry making book. I agree-- many women prefer posts, it's nice to be able to offer them if you can.

    Thanks for stopping by!