1950s vintage flower necklace

1950s celluloid flower necklace with pale mauve rhinestones and silver tone metal-- just listing today in my vintage shop, 5gardenias. i love my beautiful horse model -- i've named her rosilyn after marilyn monroe's character in the movie the misfits- a truly stirring, gritty movie, starring clark gable, & marilyn, who gave haunting performances-- set in reno nevada-- directed by john huston and screenplay written by arthur miller. it's well worth watching... it's one that stands out among thousands of the fims i've watched..very memorable and moving


  1. very pretty!
    i love that movie also...it's something i always enjoy on warm summer nights for whatever reason..i guess it fits. they often play it on tcm in the summertime! :)

  2. Love the necklace and its lovely model. Cool idea.xo

  3. gosh, I just love your photography...

    le sigh.

  4. Skye asked "oh no, the horse fell, does it hurt you think?'
    Too cute, so are the photographs. Oh, and the necklace ofcourse :-)

  5. oh --i understand how skye feels ( just the sweetest!) poor rosilyn did take a big fall and her leg broke off!! i am bringing her to the hospital to have her leg fixed so she can dance again!--all the other horses in her little family look very concerned. i will be performing the operation today!

  6. oh i love how the story weaves itself. hope you had a lovely weekend. thanks for "stopping by" the blog. sadly how forgotten it has become with all this shop prep i am doing. i'll be set-up in a REAL store in my neighborhood very very soon!